Embattled Rongo MP Hon Dalmas Otieno has vowed to do everything within his powers to make sure Raila does not become President of Kenya.

Dalmas was speaking in a KANU meeting at a city hotel that brought together the KANU top brass

During the meeting that lasted for hours, the absentee Rongo MP whisperingly told KANU Secretary General Nick Salat that Raila Odinga will never be Kenya’s President because he excluded him from the NASA Technical and Strategy Team.

He wondered why the Premier went for his fiercest challenger former powerful University of Nairobi student leader David Osiany and left him out yet he is more experienced.

He vowed to do whatever it takes to make sure Raila does not win the August polls.

You see, I don’t understand why Jakom chose that young man over me yet I have been in this game for long. I will do everything possible to make sure he does not become the President. What can that young man offer that I don’t have? I’ll talk to my people in Rongo and ask them to abstain from voting for him. I’ll make sure he regrets leaving me out” He said.

Nonetheless, research conducted on the ground indicates that the MP who once disappeared for a whole year is completely out of touch with constituency matters. The ground seems to have shifted to Mr. Osiany, a close ally of Prime Minister Raila Odinga, something that has given Dalmas sleepless nights.

Hon Dalmas’s sentiments come a week after he was heard telling his constituents that he was part of the NASA core team.

Also at the meeting, it was revealed that KANU will field Gideon Moi as its presidential candidate, deputized by either Dalmas or Nambale MP Chris Okemo.