Robert Alai s Kahawa Tungu blog has picked on a non-existent Chris Brown selfie debacle arising from the singer’s refusal to have a selfie with a local socialite now identified as Brenda Sugut to open a new attack on the Mombasa Governor.

Alai, both on twitter and on the blog, claims the Mombasa Rocks event featuring Chris Brown was funded from proceeds of crime.

As usual, he does not show any evidence.

Whether the site, whose web traffic has dwindled in recent months due in part to poor content and  the emergence of better scandal-peddling sites like Ghalfa and Mpasho is only cashing on the traffic that a Chris Brown ‘scandal’ brings, or is working at the behest of those who wanted the #MombasaRocks concert to fail, will be seen in coming days.

What is not in dispute is that Blogger Alai is out to cut ODM leaders, particularly Raila Odinga and Joho, to size; now that he trades his meagre brawns to Jubilee.

Blogger Alai has recently taken to posting gibberish on ODM politicians starting with ODM Leader Raila Odinga. The blogger who was initially thought to be closer to Mr. Odinga has all but opened a relentless online war on the ODM Leader whom he has recently accused of all manner of things.

Desperate to expand his war on Mr. Odinga, Alai turned to Joho, who is also the ODM Deputy Party Leader. This is not unusual. Alai has a history of attacking ODM and Raila towards elections.

Chris Brown is alleged to have ‘smashed’ a phone belonging to the woman whom – as seen from a video widely shared on social media – is seen photographing him from the moment he came out of Mombasa International Airport departure area upto when he entered the car.

Kenya Today has been informed by two eye witnesses that the ‘smashing’ never happened.

The lady is said to have recorded the incident with the police who are said to be investigating the matter.

In a series of earlier tweets, Alai had been discrediting the concert, even questioning the ‘source of funds’ which the organizers used to hire the American singer. He claimed the funds being used are “proceeds of crime being cleaned”.

Sources reveal the lady is being edged on to file the case by a member of the PSCU who is said to be bankrolling Alai, and who leaked the OB Number of the case to him.

From Kahawa Tungu, we also learn that CID officials have been dispatched from Nairobi to go investigate the matter, which has now taken a political angle with those who are ever desperate to find fault with Governor Joho, believed to have co-sponsored the event, trying to get at him.

Chris Brown woes started the moment he declined to accept any interviews by local media, which led Nation to claim -quite falsely – that the event was costing sh90 million for a 90 minute appearance by Brown, a claim which organizers have already denied.

A lawyer who worked on the contract documents termed the figure ‘ridiculous’.

Other artists who performed at the 15,000 attendees show included Nigerian sensation Wiz Kid, Tanzania’s Ali Kiba and Kenya’s Nazizi.