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Frequently Asked Questions about Admissions

How early can I apply for my child to enter RVA?

RVA accepts applications up to three years prior to the desired year of entry. Our school year begins in August.

What type of educational system is offered at RVA?

RVA primarily follows a North American curriculum. We are unable to accept a new student after grade 9 who is not already in a similar educational system. For Kenyan national applicants, please be aware that RVA’s educational system is not compatible with education requirements for entry into Kenyan Universities. Therefore, receiving a diploma from RVA may significantly limit educational options for future schooling in Kenya after the completion of high school. We also ask that you consider the potential cost involved to access educational options outside of Kenya and not assume that your child will receive financial aid packages adequate to meet their needs as international students in another country.

What is the best way to submit my application?

Application information can be scanned and emailed as pdf attachments directly to admissions@rva.org. Please contact the Admissions Office for payment options.

How does the waiting list work?

When we receive a completed application, including recent school reports, standardized test scores, and the application fee, your child is added to our waiting list for the desired year of entry. Applications for admission by Africa Inland Mission children are given priority. These applications move directly to the top of the waiting list and are given the next available space (provided they have submitted a complete application by the April 1st deadline). Next, the children of missionaries from other mission organizations are placed on the waiting list according to their date of application. If we are able to accept all missionary child applicants, Kenyan national children are then considered for admission. If space still remains, non-mission children (expatriates) are considered for admission.

My child is on the waiting list. Now what do I need to do?

It is imperative that you advise the Admissions Office of any changes in your personal contact information or mission information. At the end of each school year, send a copy of your child’s final school report and any standardized test results. This will keep your child’s application active.

When will I hear about my child’s place on the waiting list?

In November prior to the desired year of entry, parents will be contacted to confirm their intention of sending their child to RVA. Once confirmation is received, you will be informed of your child’s place on the waiting list for the following year, and any other information needed to update your child’s application file.

When will I hear that my child has been accepted?

AIM families will receive acceptance notification in March of the desired year of entry. Other mission families will receive an offer of acceptance after April 1st of the desired year of entry, as space becomes available. Kenyan national and non-mission children (expatriates) may be invited for an interview and pre-admission screening in mid-June. Notification of acceptance will follow in July.

What is a “provisional acceptance”?

Acceptances are provisional until the enrollment forms are received and the enrollment deposit is paid in full. This deposit is credited toward school fees upon entrance. Parents will receive a notice of “final acceptance” to confirm that the student has met the standards of admission.

What happens if my child is accepted to RVA, but we decide to wait a little longer for him/her to attend?

If you decide to wait for another year before your child enters RVA, we will place your child on the next year’s waiting list according to the date of your initial application. Because each year’s waiting list is compiled according to application dates, acceptance for a certain year does NOT guarantee acceptance for the following year. Applicants may only defer one time before needing to re-apply.

College Planning

RVA’s college coordinator is available to advise seniors as they navigate the college application process.

The requirements for an RVA College Prep Diploma are considered a minimum for entrance into US colleges. Most college-bound RVA students will achieve more than these minimums, especially if they are interested in applying to more selective colleges. We have also found that RVA students attending universities in countries other than the US have done very well. Regarding the selection of courses, we recommend a 4-4-4 plan (4 credits in English, 4 credits in mathematics, and 3 to 4 credits in a foreign language).

In addition to a good transcript and GPA, students need to take an appropriate university entrance test. RVA offers the SAT I and II and the ACT for these purposes.

US colleges expect a TOEFL (Test of English Fluency) exam for non-American students hoping to attend a US college but who come from countries where English is not the primary language. RVA does not offer the TOEFL.

The RVA Guidance Office has abundant information on colleges. College representatives often visit RVA, providing students with a chance to receive first-hand information.

New Student-Parent Orientation

RVA has worked hard over recent years to construct an orientation program for new students and parents that provides essential information foundational to a successful transition into the boarding school environment. We have designed workshops and information sessions that we hope you will find both engaging and practical.

To help parents better understand how to support their children during the exciting yet challenging transition to RVA, we require at least one parent (preferably two) to accompany each new student to our orientation program in August of the student’s first year at RVA.


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