By Gilbert O Kenya

Revolutions don’t get announced using public address from the mountaintops or BREAKING NEWS from the mainstream media; revolutions begin with a few clever but very brave individuals, who are willing to make major sacrifices for the sake of their country. They stand firm to defend their rights and what they believe in.

If you live in Kenya and you are not aware that the revolution proper just began, when doctors agitating for a deserved pay rise were handcuffed and thrown into prison like criminals, then you live in your own world.

Not even banana republic sends their doctors into jail because of asking for their rights. Even the most seasoned terrorists know that doctors are to be spared in any combat action. Kenya has set history for sending doctors to jail because they asked for a pay rise.

It is completely unheard of in any country that prides itself to be a democracy! Those doctors could have been celebrating their valentines’ day with their loved ones in some romantic restaurant today. But they chose to stand up against an oppressive regime. They chose their rights and dignity over fake freedom and oppression.

We live in a country where masterminds of mega corruption scandals walk free and still call the shots, both in and outside government. For the first time in this country, a group of middle class Kenyans have made me proud. The doctors have shown us the way. Their sacrifice to go to jail in order to push for reforms in our health sector has shown us that you can’t sit on your laurels and wait for things to get better magically, especially when we have an insensitive and utterly incompetent regime, like Jubilee, in power.

The humiliating defeat of Amina mohamed at the recent AU elections, and the contempt card played on us by our immediate neighbors is enough proof of how our country’s stature in the region, in the continent and the entire world, has quickly diminished under the clueless Jubilee regime. The jailing of doctors has now sunk us to a new low and made Kenya the laughing stock of the world.
Ask yourself: What sacrifice have you made to make this country great again? The revolution just began. It will happen peacefully at the ballot, but trus me, a loud and clear statement will be made. It is revolution time folks! Let’s all, in one accord, send this abomination called Jubilee home on August 8th.