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Revealed: List of ODM strongmen marked for death by Jubilee State House Operatives

By the Banana Peddler

Since businessman Jacob Juma was captured, harassed, tortured and murdered in Gestapo style, no suspect has been apprehended for questioning. CID boss Ndegwa Muhoro promised to investigate and bring Juma’s killers to book.

Since the case involved the big boys, no key suspects including Deputy President William Ruto have been questioned. It is now an open secret Juma’s death will never be avenged.

Since Juma’s grotesque assassination, it is clear the government mercenaries have perfected the wizardry in political assassinations.

Subsequently, some jubilee operatives have earmarked trigger-happy government critics for possible elimination or disappearance.

The following is a list of key anti-Jubilee critics who are in an alleged hit list:


Being one of the harshest government critics, Joho has given President Kenyatta and his administration sleepless nights. A part from Raila Odinga, he is the only man who has the temerity to look into the President’s eye and tell him to stop being petty and eschew from re-launching projects that were initiated by Raila. Joho is also one of the key benefactors of ODM activities. He is the most fearless Coast point man. Critics say his bravery and fearlessness can only be likened to Martin Luther King Jr. Others say he took after the late Coast kingpin former local government Minister hon Karisa Maitha.

Joho’s stubbornness has denied jubilee peace. He is on record lecturing the Uhuru administration at the Bomas of Kenya during the opposition caucus. When he took over the soapbox, he reiterated categorically that he does not fear death as long as he is fighting for the rights of his people. He made it clear to the Jubilee administration that he is a staunch Muslim whose cadaver will be buried by 2 PM in case he is murdered at noon. As a result, the government retracted from the assassination plot and went back to the drawing board. Going by the public mindset, Uhuru Kenyatta is jealous of Governor Joho’s success doggedness and single-mindedness. Others say he inherited his jealousy from his late father and former dictator whose regime was marred by the disappearance of his critics.

It is believed that since the government found it difficult to eliminate Joho the Gestapo style, Uhuru and his deputy William Ruto resolved to plant drugs on him and hand him over to the United States. Uhuru and Ruto have been advised not to use the Jacob Juma style because Kenyans will never forgive them. They plan to extradite Joho and get him out of the picture for good although they don’t have evidence over the same.

2. Hon Gitobu Imanyara: The lawyer involved in two cases that are highly damaging to DP William Ruto, first case involves civil rights activits Boniface Mwangi and another concerns a child maintance claim by a woman DP impregnated in 2005 (she was then a undergraduate student at Moi university)

3. Senator Muthama: The glue that holds Raila and Kalonzo Musyoka

4.Boniface Mwangi; A civil rights activits accused by Jubilee operatives for being a western diplomatic missions sympatizer


Anthony Kibagendi, the incoming Kitutu Chache South MP and the founder of the famous Kisii SIAFU MOVEMENT is also in the Jubilee elimination list. Anthony Kibagendi is one of Raila factotums and ODM chief propagandist. His prowess in criticizing the government has denied State House operatives a piece of mind.

Kibagendi masterminded the SIAFU MOVEMENT with the aim of demolishing the Jubilee networks in Gusiiland. According to pundits, his mission of spreading hate messages was a big success. Kibagendi is also targeted for propagating hatred against the tribes that are beneficiaries of government jobs and opportunities on national Televisions and Radios.

Kibagendi represents ODM in Kenya’s biggest political talk show popularly known as Mazungumzo Wazi Wazi on Radio Jambo where he strips the government naked and closes with his popular catch phrase “UHURU IS A ONE TERM PRESIDENT”. He is also a regular political analyst at K24, the Television station owned by President Uhuru.

Kibagendi is also the force behind the Gusii Youth Movement (GYM) that demolished Obomo Bwomogusii, the Jubilee output that was meant to make political inroads in Gusiiland. His social media is always flooded with negative updates targeting the government, the President, and his deputy. Kibagendi has been under government surveillance for close to two years. Lately. he has been trailed by strange cars and people perceived to be government mercenaries hired to eliminate him.

Kibagendi’s obstinacy has given the Jubilee allied Kisii leaders headache. Jubilee leaders from every nook and cranny in Kisii led by the Kitutu Chache incumbent MP Richard Onyonka have unsuccessfully converged several times to plot his elimination. He is most likely to clinch the parliamentary seat given his outspokenness and honestness on the corruption rot in government.


Abdulahi Musa is one of the unafraid ODM pro bono bloggers. He is also Suna East Member of Parliament hon Junet Mohamed’s right-hand man. Musa is a social media celebrity blogger who shares massive exclusive video clips to the general public, depicting the stinking wickedness in the Uhuru administration. As a result, he has managed to influence the public and change their view on the Jubilee administration. State House operatives have been on the lookout for him lately and it is believed they are out to eliminate him.

7. Anwar Sadat;
a bad ass blogger who exposed Uhuru’s alleged links to drug lords


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