Registered Political Parties in Kenya

Registered Political Parties in Kenya: Kenya is a multi-party system and by the 2007 elections had more than 160 registered political parties. But with the enactment and implementation of the Political Parties Act in 2008, the number has fallen.

Here is a list of political parties in kenya that have applied for registration.

Registered Political Parties in Kenya

  1. The National Alliance Party – TNA
  2. Party of National Unity
  3. Kenya National Congress
  4. National Vision Party
  5. PNU Alliance
  6. Restore and Build Kenya
  7. New Ford–Kenya
  8. Forum for the Restoration of Democracy–People
  9. Mazingira Green Party of Kenya
  10. Sisi Kwa Sisi
  11. Nuru Party
  12. National Rainbow Coalition–Kenya
  13. Grand National Union of Kenya
  14. United Democratic Forum
  15. Mwangaza Party of Kenya
  16. Orange Democratic Movement
  17. Labour Party of Kenya
  18. Kenya National Congress
  19. Party of Action
  20. Party of Independent Candidates
  21. Democratic Party of Kenya
  22. Forum for the Restoration of Democracy-People
  23. Kenya Social Congress
  24. Mkenya Solidarity Movement
  25. Kenya African National Union
  26. United Democratic Movement
  27. Safina
  28. Chama Cha Mwanainchi
  29. Party of HopeRegistered Political Parties in Kenya
  30. People’s Party of Kenya
  31. Progressive Party of Kenya
  32. Kenya African Democratic Union- Asili
  33. Agano Party
  34. The Independent Party
  35. National Agenda Party of Kenya
  36. Conservative Party of Kenya
  37. Progressive Party of Kenya
  38. National Alliance of Kenya
  39. National Rainbow Coalition
  40. United Republican Party
  41. Forum for the Restoration of Democracy-Kenya
  42. Social Democratic Party of Kenya
  43. Maendeleo Party

The enactment of the Political Parties Act in 2008 has provided much needed State support for political parties. Financial support for political parties now comes from the tax payers. Political Parties in Kenya are also supposed to be better managed, maintain a members’ register and keep other records and books of accounts.

Registered Political Parties in Kenya – History of Political Parties in Kenya

Until 1991, Kenya was a de jure one-party state. Faced with internal protests trom civil society, the Church and international pressure, the KANU government repealed Section 2A of the Constitution to reopen the doors to multi-party democracy. The third multi-party elections since the country’s independence in 1963 were held in 1992.

The 1997 elections were also Characterised by more compromises between KANU and the opposition in the form of minimum reforms – amendment to the laws restricting assembly, coverage of opposition in the public media and nomination of 12 special interest seats based on party representation.

In 2002, the opposition united under the National Alliance of Rainbow Coalition party against Kanu and won the elections, bringing to an end the 40 year Kanu era.

ln the new constitution (Article 91), every political party must have a national character, a democratically
elected governing body and should promote national unity, human rights, fundamental freedoms and
gender equality and equity and subscribe to and observe the code of conduct for political parties.

Registered Political Parties in Kenya – Video