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The Raila conspiracy is book published by Author Babior Newton. The book which will be launched soon is a work done through consolation with great international publishers abroad. The book which is almost 700 pages is a pact document full of revelation, drama, satire and revealing secrets behind the Kenya political corridor.

The Book is forwarded by Raila Odinga himself has got a great accolade from different prominent writers and personalities around the world. The book preface has been written with one Morgan Tvangirai the former prime minister of Zimbabwe.


This is the book which will run the taps dry and scramble the jubilee government down to the wire. The book has selfless approach, constantant syndicated secrets of Jubilee government house of card to gift schemes network coordinated by William Ruto and Murkomen. Just like Miguna book of “peeling backs the mask”, the book is silently causing panic in the corridors of power. Some excerpts in the book read as follows:


“That evening President Kenyatta called Raila Odinga at around 4.00pm, He was requesting him to meet him in the state house. Raila Odinga declined and hung on the phone to receive a phone from a prominent Mount Kenya business man. The Phone call which only took 12 minutes was accompanied with a mail that read as follows:

“The classified conspiracy file reveals that log files for the Oracle golden gate database which was used with IEBC shows that the database was shared and synchronized with the TNA database. Both the IEBC and the TNA shared the same static IP Address registered to David Maina,the CEO of trans Business Machines Ltd with credentials of Kencall EPZ. The IP address of Kencall used by IEBC as stated was set up on March at 23:52:47 at the following location D:/APP/KENCALL/ADMIN/PFILE/INIT.ORA on machine KENCALL.The IP of Kencall server used”. You can order this book in online bookstore:


The book will launched soon but check your favorite dailies for serializations which will start soon.

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