Why Raila must be president be it through voting or fighting come august 2017

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Pollsters have gotten it wrong many times, and this year the former Prime Minister will defy all odds to become Kenya’s Fifth President.

The recent historic US Presidential election results showed that whatever the opinion results, whether correct or cooked, they don’t have a true, clear bearing on the actual results in an election.

In this country, opinion polls have not predicted the election results consistently when it comes to the outcomes of national elections.

Raila has been and remains the foremost opposition presidential contender: He will deliver a resounding victory at the August 8 General Election.

Even the most cursory glance at how the Cord – and now the NASA – principals operate makes us appreciate the fact that all of them have had a hand in the major changes that that we have had in this country.

Each one of them respectively has played a crucial role. If one had to look at each one of them separately, you would appreciate that Raila has been there longer than anyone else in the opposition and consistently so; with a clear vision, a clear design focussed on the leadership of this country, the development of this country. He has not relented in his quest for efficacy in the usage of public resources so that they clearly benefit the ordinary mwananchi.

The clarion call for prudence in the management of public resources has been the basis of opposition politics in this country.

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka is a good participant in this game of the opposition, but he joined in on the way. Kalonzo did not originate the design for the purpose of laying the foundation of the opposition, but rather came in as a contributor.

You appreciate Musalia Mudavadi has been both in government and in the Opposition, just like Kalonzo.

Raila has played his game basically in the Opposition because he has a strong conviction that this country requires major and fundamental changes for purposes of trying to transform the lives of Kenyans.

If you look at Ford Kenya leader Moses Wetang’ula, it has been a case of being in government and in the opposition as the opportunity arose. The opposition may not have been basically his orientation in trying to transform this country. It had to do with opportunity as and when it was available.

Raila is the most popular opposition leader we have.

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