Qatar Ooredoo Postpaid offers that you need to know and FAQ Guide

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Shahry Pack

Is there any subscription liability for this Shahry pack?

Yes. The minimum subscription liability is 3 months.

I have subscribed to Shahry pack, when will the package be activated?

If you are a Standard Shahry subscriber then your new package will be activated right away. If you are moving from one Shahry Pack to another then the new pack will be activated on the date of your next bill cycle.

How do I know the remaining minutes of my Shahry Packs?

Create a new SMS message and type BAL SPE (for English) or BAL SPA (for Arabic) and send it to 114 free of charge. You will receive a reply SMS with the balance.

What happens to the unused allowance?

Once the bill cycle date is reached, any unused allowance from the previous bill cycle will be forfeited.

How do I switch from one Pack to another?

To switch from one Pack to another call 114 FREE from the same Shahry number and follow the steps. You will need to provide your Qatari ID number.

QNB First Shahry Pack

Is Shahry QNB First pack a permanent offer?

The Shahry QNB First Pack is available for a limited time for new subscriptions. Once you subscribe to it you can keep it as long as you want, however the subscription will be cancelled if you change to another subscription.

Can I take the service over from another customer and keep this pack?

Only during the promotion validity and only if you are a QNB First member. Once the offer expires you will not be able to take the service over with the pack.

Can I subscribe to the International Key service?

International Key is not available for the Shahry QNB First pack.

Does Special Needs discount apply to this pack?

No. The Shahry QNB First pack is not available with the Special Needs discount.

Endless Internet Packs

What is the Fair Usage Policy for local data? And what happens if I exceeded the FUP?

You have 60GB of data to use within your bill cycle (one month). If you don’t have any other data plan, you will be charged the regular data rate for any usage exceeding this limit.

Which pack are subject to FUP?

Only Unlimited packs are subject to the FUP. Your pack is still Unlimited and you don’t pay extra.

What are the FUP limits?

The FUP limits are as below:

  • At 400GB usage the maximum speed you can avail on 3G is 1Mbps and on 4G is 2Mbps until the renewal date of your data pack.
  • At 500GB usage the maximum speed you can avail on 3G is 256Kbps and on 4G is 512Mbps until the renewal date of your data pack.

NOTE: Ooredoo does NOT charge after the FUP limit is reached. ONLY the maximum speed is reduced

My internet speed is slow and I received a message that is because of the Fair Usage Policy limit has been reached. What does it means?

This month, you have enjoyed a high amount of data and so your speeds have been reduced (as per our Fair Usage Policy) in order to ensure that everyone can enjoy the full performance of the Supernet, and not just a select few.

How I will be notified that my speed is throttled?

You can see this in Ooredoo App by choosing your number and also you will receive SMS notification.

How I can buy Speed boosters?

You can buys Speed booster via Ooredoo App or SMS

How I can increase my speed again?

To increase you speed you have 2 options:

  1. Buy daily or weekly Speed Boosters, which will restore you speed to default
    • Daily QR20/day
    • b.Weekly QR100/week
  2. Buy any Data Recharge and your speed will be restored until the pack is consumed

If I don’t want to buy Speed Booster when my speed will be restored to default?

Your speed will be restored and pack renewal date

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