To apply for a health card you will need to supply the following documents with your application:

  1. Residency permit (RP)
  2. Copy of each applicant’s passport.
  3. Qatar ID (issued when you get your RP)
  4. Two photographs (4×3 cm, blue background)
  5. QR100 fee.
  6. Copy of water and electricity bill to confirm your address.


Citizens and residents of Qatar may apply for a health card to access services at any of the Hamad Medical Corporation’s healthcare facilities or hospitals. The card is the same size as a driving license. It contains your ID number, nationality, photo and date of issue and are available to all residents of Qatar.

To obtain a Health Card,

  1. Visit the Primary Health Care Centre (PHCC) nearest to where you live.
  2. There you need to fill out the appropriate forms and submit it with all the required documents mentioned below.
  3. After verification you will be issued with your PHCC file number
  4. Pay the appropriate application fee using a credit card since cash is not accepted.
  5. PHCC can give the card the same day or will ask you to come any other day to collect the card.

Required Documents

  • Qatari Adults: Copies of your passport or ID, a passport-size photograph (4cm X 3cm) and a fee of QR50
  • Qatari Children: Birth certificate with Qatar personal identity number or passport, passport-size photograph, vaccination card (for first time issue) and a fee of QR50
  • GCC National Adult Residents: Copy of passport or ID with Qatar personal identity number, a passport-size photograph, your old health card (in case of renewals) and a fee of QR50
  • GCC National Child Residents: Birth certificate or passport with Qatar personal identity number, one passport-size photograph, vaccination card (for first time issue for children born in Qatar), old health card (in case of renewals) and fees of QR50
  • Adult Residents: Valid QID or passport with valid residence permit, a passport-size photographs and a fee of QR100
  • Children: Passport with valid residence permit, a passport-size photograph, vaccination card (for first time issue and for those born in Qatar or who had their vaccinations in Qatar) and a fee of QR100
  • Domestic Staff: Valid passport with a valid residence permit, a passport-size photograph, original QID of sponsor and a fee of QR50 (as for professions approved by MOI for personal sponsorship)
  • All: A copy of a utility bill (phone, water/electricity) – this proves where you live

Office Locations & Contacts

Hamad Medical Corporation

Hamad Medical City, Doha, Qatar

P.O. Box 3050

Phone 🙁 +974) 44395777


Fax: +974 4392604

Website: Hamad Medical CorporationAds by Google


All Qatar Residence and Citizens.


  • Qatar citizens and GCC Nationals: QR50
  • Residence: QR100
  • Domestic Staff: QR50


  • Five years for citizens and one year for Qatar residents.

Sample Documents

Health card sample: link

Processing Time

  • Within 24 hours


  • Application for health Cards are done during morning working hours only
  • The preferred mode of payment is by credit card, cash is not accepted.
  • Check with your company if they facilitate for health cards before personally applying for one.
  • Children born in Qatar do not require a health card and all medical treatment and medicines are free for their first year courtesy of HMC.

Required Information

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Id number
  • Nationality
  • Residence address

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Need for the Document

  • Consultations or non-emergency treatments may cost extra but will be subsidized for those who hold a valid Health Card. Any patient not holding a Health Card will be charged as a visitor.
  • Health Card holders may also fill out prescriptions at a government-run pharmacy at subsidized rates

Information which might help

Renewal of Health Card

  • Renewal can be done immediately at all HMC hospitals.
  • Card can be renewed online via Qatar Government Portal – HUKOOMI link 
  • Replacement of a valid Card- A fee of QR50 for Qataris and QR100 for non-Qataris, if the health card is lost but is still valid
  • Replacement of an expired Card- A fee of QR100 for Qataris and QR200 for non-Qataris, if the health card is lost and is expired.

External Links

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The State of Qatar guarantees health services to all citizens and residents in government medical institutions through a Health Card system. The system provides the cardholder with a medical record file containing all his/her medical data saved in the nearest health care centre.