Dependants pension in Kenya

Processing of Dependants pension

Dependants of deceased Civil Servants may apply for Pensions benefits.

They need to have the following;
-Duly completed Widows’ Declaration form /Guardianship Certificate form
-Certified copy of ID card or claimant and declarant’s/witnesses
-Original and copies of death certificate, children’s birth certificates and marriage certificate-Letter from area chief/administration
-Bank details form
-Copy of bank card
-Letters from School/ College Dependants pension in Kenya

Timelines:  26 days

For more information call Huduma Contact Centre: +254 (020) 6900020

Or visit nearest Huduma Centre

Or Contact:The Treasury, Pensions Department
(+254) 020 2252299
(+254) 7228888111
(+254) 733660606

How is pension calculated in Kenya? A pension calculated by multiplying your service by your average salary and then dividing by 80; and. A lump sum equal to three times your pension.

How does pension scheme work in Kenya?Defined contribution plan: Under this plan, members’ and employers’ contributions are fixed either as a percentage of pensionable earnings or as a shilling amount. The amount a member shall receive upon retirement depends on the total amount of money contributed and the performance of the fund’s investments over time

When can I access my pension in Kenya?Anyone above the age of 18 that is employed, running a business or has disposable income is eligible to save for retirement

What is a dependent pension?If you were financially dependent, or interdependent, on someone who has died, you may be eligible to receive ongoing pension payments from their pension scheme. … You may be a dependant if you’re: their spouse; or. their civil partner; or.