President Uhuru Kenyatta : Don’t let them buy you, Uhuru urges the youth

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President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday urged the youth to register in large numbers and refuse to be misused by politicians to cause chaos.

He spoke in Kiambu county, where he pushed for voter registration. Uhuru urged the youth to register so they can decide the country’s future.

He warned them not to let politicians use them. Uhuru said the youth will be open to abuse if they do not register. He said politicians respect registered voters, as they will need their support on Election Day.

Uhuru urged politicians to use their own children to fight each other, instead of including Kenyans in their dirty politics. The President was accompanied by Kiambu Governor William Kabogo and county MPs.

During the launch of the Jubilee Party smart card in Kasarani, Nairobi, two weeks ago, Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu appeared to verbally attack Kabogo in front of the President as his supporters chanted his name. He is eyeing the governor seat.

“I don’t need this nonsense that politicians are doing. Do you think if I see your posters or you use youths to chant your name in front of me that will make me vote for you? The people are the ones with the votes,” Uhuru said.

He said all elective posts are equally important.Uhuru cited the MCAs, who, unlike their predecessors – the councillors – control more development funds, hence playing a more important role.

“Don’t refuse to register and later complain that the wrong MCA or a thief was elected. We don’t hold elections for the sake of leaders but because of your lives,” he said.

Uhuru said he does not have any preferred candidates and hopefuls should approach voters directly to seek their support. “Let no one cheat you he is an Uhuru person. I’m also looking for votes. We’ll work with those you give us,” he said.

Uhuru spoke in Gatundu. “It will be very unfortunate if I fail because of you not registering and please help me in this war by registering in large number, ” he said.

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