PowerBook G3 – Technical Specifications

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 PowerBook G3 – Technical Specifications

Logic BoardPortsPower
Processor:G3, 250MHzPMMU:integratedFPU:integratedData Path:64-bit, 50MhzL1 Cache:n/aL2 Cache:512K2nd Processor:noneSlots:2 Type II PC Card (1 Type III)USB: ADB:1Video:HDI-15Floppy:noneSCSI:HDI-30Geoports:1Ethernet:10BaseTFireWire: Mic Type:Line InAirPort Ready: Other Ports:Printer, Speaker, 
Max Watts:45Amps:1.88BTU per Hr:153.9Voltage:100-240Freq Range:50-60 HzBattery Type:47 Wh Lithium IonSoft Power:yes
MemoryVideo Memory
Logic Board:32 MBRAM Slots:1, PB G3Min – Max RAM:32 MB – 160 MBMin RAM Speed:60nsRAM Sizes:4-128 MBInstall in Groups of:1Notes:Support EDO RAM devices on its memory modulesResolutionVideo Memory
built-in LCD (2MB VRAM)
(built-in)512 x 384n/a-bit640 x 400n/a-bit640 x 480n/a-bit800 x 60016-bit832 x 624n/a-bit1024 x 768n/a-bit1152 x 870n/a-bit1280 x 1024n/a-bit

Notes: 2MB of VRAM supports millions of colors on external monitor; Chips and Technology 65554 PCI video controller support hardware acceleration
Introduced:11/15/1997Discontinued:n/aForm Factor:PowerBook 3400Gestalt ID:313Weight (lbs):7.5Dimensions (in):2.4 H x 11.5 W x 9.5 DAddressing Modes:32-bitOrig SSW:8.0Orig Enabler: ROM ID: ROM Ver:$077DROM Size:3072KAppleTalk Ver:60.2Mac OS
Floppy Size:1.44MBFloppy Inject:manualMin. Int HD Size:5GBInt HD Interface:ATAOrig CD Speed20xInt CD Support:yes

PowerBook G3 – Technical Specifications

Powerbook G3 Pismo | MacRumors Forums

I’ve finally got my hands on a Powerbook G3 Pismo at a decent price – it’s the 400Mhz model, 576MB RAM, 40GB drive, Airport and best of all, a battery with 4 hours life in it!
I’m amazed how capable it is – that 1MB L2 cache really makes a difference, it’s good for Spotify, online radio, DVDs and as shown here, Youtube streaming and movie playback via Mplayer….had to show The Matrix, as it’s of the G3’s era 


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