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  • CCTV Operator

    A CCTV (closed circuit television) operator works in a central control room, monitoring and controlling a bank of screens. These are linked to surveillance cameras...3 min

  • Apple iPhone SE (2020) review

    The Apple iPhone SE 2020 is the affordable phone to beat, and the one of the best cheap phones you can get. It’s the closest thing to future-proof...5 min

  • Islam

    The word’ “Islam” isn’t simply the name of a religion, it is an Arabic word that means submission; for Muslims it means to surrender oneself...3 min

  • GeoSafari Paybill number Kenya

    GeoSafari Customers can use Mpesa Paybill number 334350 to top up their GeoSafari account. GeoNet Kenya is licensed by Communications Authority of Kenya (CA)- a Kenya Mpesa Paybill – 334350  Customers can use Mpesa...4 min