Peter Kenneth hires bloggers team to demolish Team Nairobi.

Former failed Presidential candidate Peter Kenneth has now employed a team of bloggers to start smear campaign against his fellow Jubilee Party aspirants for the Nairobi Governor’s seat.

In latest propaganda, Kenneth’s team has portrayed his fellow rivals as “outsiders” who were born outside Nairobi.

According to the PK’s campaign team his greatest rival Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko should be stopped from vying for the Nairobi Governor’s seat since he was born in Kwale, but according to the facts, Sonko was born in Meru and not Kwale as claimed by Kenneth.

The Kenyan constitution is very clear on the qualifications for one to be eligible to vie for the Governor’s seat which allows even those who were born outside the city to contest for the seat.

To qualify as a potential candidate for the position of the county governor in Kenya (or deputy governor), you must:
• Must be a Kenyan citizen for at least 10 years before the election;
• Must not hold dual citizenship;
• Must not owe allegiance to a foreign state;
• Must be a registered vote;
• Must be a holder of a degree from a University recognized in Kenya;
• Must be nominated by a Political Party or is an independent candidate.

Meanwhile the former Gatanga MPs past record might haunt him over his bid to clinch the Nairobi’s Governor’s seat.

To begin with, his conduct at Kenya-Re remains questionable. Workers were retrenched without due process and left with no explanations as he led the selling of Kenya Reinsurance Corporation in 2002. Were it not for a court process, He almost managed to sell it to Monarch Insurance and Zimbabwe Reinsurance Corporation. Opposition MPs protested the move that saved the country’s resources.

And at Kenya Football Federation (KFF), as the Chairman, PK performed in a manner best described by lovers of the game, as ‘dismal performance.’ Soccer in the country remained a burdened sport. No Team qualified for a major tournament or won any championships in his tenure.

Open Sources reveal that Peter Kenneth was also a beneficiary of the IC3 Security tender that was single-sourced to Safaricom ltd. The CCTV tender worth billions of Shillings of installing and maintenance was valued at about Sh 50 Billion. Peter Kenneth was said to be the intermediary between the Chinese firm supplying the counterfeit camera’s that are seen not to be in work.