OUTPOURING SUPPORT for Hon Millie Odhiambo for STANDING AGAINST Uhuru and his Mt Kenya Mafia in Parliament!

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Daina Okello:>>> Millie odhiambo Mabona I have watched the clip and I must say that you just gave me multiple orgasms thank goodness my period is over!! The stupidity in Uhuru Kenyatta needs to be called out every day every minute every second so I join you

Justus Atuti: Whatever Mille Mabona smokes, I want it. I want it because it opens eyes to reality. It enables one to call a dog by its name. Even if a dog is dressed in a suit, it’s still a dog and must be addressed as such.

Uhuru Kenyatta is a serial corrupt thief and must be addressed as such. Congratulations Millie Odhiambo. Congratulations Nyathiwa, for standing a soldier among cowards and pigs, tall, bold and beautiful.

Michael Okoth
:>>I see nothing wrong with what Millie Mabona has done.Hypocrites should give us a break!

Uhuru Kenyatta may be the president yes,but he’s the one who together with his deputy,have steadily degraded the office of the presidency and the entire institution that is the presidency to such low levels.That a president who ordinarily should be the symbol of national unity and an embodiment of our nationalism can stand in a public rally and in his mother tongue,furiously call his opponents witches and many other unprintable epithets is reason enough for him to lose our respect.

The president and his deputy must first respect the institution of the presidency before anyone else does.If they can’t, then they should be ready to receive just as much if not more of what they give!

Those who want to remain in the middle ground,stay quiet and and look good even in the face of tyranny and outright dictatorship only to come out and condemn those who are brave enough to speak out are free to do so but while at it,they should spare us their hypocrisy and useless morality lectures.


Phil Wesonga
:>>What @Milliegeza Hon Mbona has done is to set stage for what will be unprecedented mass action against Jubilee plans to subvert popular will

Maurine Junga
:>> If Millie Millie Mabona is a disgrace to womanhood as per the claims by calling Ouru a TOOOOOGI…!
Then what is Aden Duale on the far end…?
Any suitable name?

Osoo Yumeso
>>Millie Odhiambo is the only iron lady remaining donge? others are flower girls.

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