Otile Brown in Trouble after walking away from contract with Dreamland Music

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According to Dreamland Music Entertainment company, Otile Brown walked away froma contract which was still active and one which had been signed mutually. The label has then taken the action against the musician and as a result they have decided to bar the singer from using the songs in any public perfomance or business engagement.

This denies Otile Brown the revenues that would have come from shows and any endorsements at-least when he will be able to produce new music on his own.

The songs are  Shujaa Wako, Imaginary Love, Dejavu, Everything, Basi, Pakate, Alivyonipenda, Niseme Nawe & Aiyolela

Here is the information that the label communicated to the public via their Facebook page:

The Dreamland Music Empire wishes to make the following announcements: that as part of our motto: identifying, nurturing and developing talent, we identified Otile Brown, we nurtured him and we eventually developed him.. That we as a company entered in to a contract with Otile Brown to protect our business interests and his.. We made all necessary arrangements to make him comfortable so as to be a successful musician until then Otile Brown walked out of a mutual and active contract without a notice. Just like any business entity we our desire is to protect our Interests and image. We wish to let all musicians and stakeholders know that all the songs and videos produced in our studios namely… Shujaa Wako, Imaginary Love, Dejavu, Everything, Basi, Pakate, Alivyonipenda, Niseme Nawe & Aiyolela… Are owned by Dreamland Music Empire. He is henceforth prohibited by the clauses in the contract he signed to use them in performances or business purposes. We thank you all for your continued support. DREAMLAND MUSIC.. Beyond talent…

Music just as any other profession is a business and artists should act within the law or otherwise should be serious about contracts that they sign.

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