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Otile Brown Biography, Age, Music Journey, Instagram, Facebook, Alivyonipenda, New Song and Latest News

Otile Brown Biography

Otile Brown is an urban contemporary musician, Song Writer, Guitarist, and an Actor. He was born and raised in the coastal city of Mombasa. He is the last born in a family of five- three brothers and one sister.

Otile Brown Age

Otile Brown was born on 21 March 1980 in the coastal city of Mombasa, he is 39 years old as of 2019. He is  born in a family of five.

Otile Brown Siblings

Otile Brown has four siblings, three brothers, and one sister, and he is the last born in their family.

Otile Brown Music Career

He discovered his talent and tender age of 12. He started singing and writing music at age 13. After his short musical career in Mombasa, Otile Brown moved to Nairobi in 2012 in search of greener pastures. He met with Jalango when he was waiting for Willy M Tuva and he decided to give him his CD, he loved his music and advised him to stick on singing. He surprisingly sponsored his first song and gave him a choice to work with either Wyre or Doctor Eddie. He preferred Dr. Eddie (A renowned producer)  since he was not as busy as Wyre since Wyre is a singer and a producer. Dr. Eddy was impressed by his skills and decided to sign him as the first artist off the label dreamland Music Entertainment.

Otile Brown Music Journey

Many who have listened to him admit that his music is mature. He was discovered by Jalango, who later referred him to Docta Eddie. Since then, they have been recording music and The third single has been released and is causing ripples in the Kenyan music scene…

After a successful collaboration with Khaligraph Jones, dubbed Imaginary Love, Otile Brown has yet come back with a song that is expected to create massive heat in the industry. The song they have chosen to call DEJAVU is a story of a married couple that has been staying together for some time and the wife tends to think that the love from the husband if fading…

The video shot in the coastal part of Kenya brings out the whole coastal experience to the fullest. Directed and produced by the award-winning producer Dr. Eddie, of Dreamland Music Entertainment Company which Otile Brown is signed under.

The singer rose to fame for his song, Imaginary Love, featuring one of Kenya’s top hip-hop rappers, Khaligraph, which has received positive feedback from fans.

The Mombasa based singer has since released other new songs, which include: Deja Vu and Everything, which are set to have music video soon. But it’s no doubt that the youngster is really talented, and from his smooth vocals, one would confuse him for a Bongo musician. The contemporary artiste is also apparently doing more collabos with top Kenyan artists, which are yet to be revealed.

Otile Brown Songs

  • Crush- 2019
  • Kenyan Girl- 2019
  • Samantha- 2018
  • Nobody – 2018
  • Hi – 2018
  • Niacheni – 2018
  • Baby Love -2018
  • Chaguo La Moyo – 2018
  • Vera – 2018
  • Tamu Sana – 2018
  • Aje Anione – 2018
  • Niseme Nawe – 2016
  • Baby Love – 2018
  • Mapenzi Hisia – 2017
  • Acha Waseme – 2017
  • Kistaarabu – 2017
  • Yule Mbaya – 2017
  • Mungu Wetu Sote – 2018
  • Alivyonipenda – 2016
  • Basi – 2016
  • Imaginary Love – 2016
  • Deja Vu – 2016
  • Shujaa Wako – 2016
  • Everything – 2016
  • Aiyolela – 2017
  • Hello – 2016

Otile Brown Contacts

Otile Brown Instagram

Otile Brown Facebook

Otile Brown Twitter

Otile Brown Interview

Interviewer: Is Otile Brown your real name?

Otile Brown: No, it’s a nickname.

Interviewer:  What is your real name?

Otile Brown: I’d rather keep people guessing because I don’t like it.

Interviewer:  Have you thought of changing it legally?

Otile Brown: Yes, and I could. But even though I dislike it, I treasure it as well because it’s the name my mother (RIP) gave me. She gave it to me out of love and I value it, especially since she’s no longer here.

Interviewer:  When did you officially join the music industry?

Otile Brown: It’s been about a year now… and in that time I’ve released a couple of singles and collaborations with some of the best rappers in Kenya — like Khaligraph and King Kaka.

Interviewer:  Did you have a godfather, or a figure of some sort, to guide you?

Otile Brown: Not really, but Jalang’o pointed me in the right direction. He gave me two options, to choose either Wyre or Dr. Eddie to be my producer. I chose Eddie.

Interviewer:  Why not Wyre?

Otile Brown: Because he is very busy. He is an artist like me and I needed someone who could give me their full attention.

Interviewer:  Were you born in Mombasa?

Otile Brown: Yes.

Interviewer:  Does that make you a Mombasa or Nairobi artiste?

Otile Brown: I find it awkward when people talk about a Mombasa or Nairobi artiste, or industry for that matter. It does not make sense to me. Yes, I was born in Mombasa, Mikindani, but I’m an artist representing Kenya, East Africa, and Africa.

Interviewer:  When did you relocate?

Otile Brown: In 2003. I had a job in Mombasa and, whenever I saved enough money, I would come to Nairobi. I was a musician but I didn’t do it commercially. I wasn’t ready yet to put myself out there because I didn’t think I was good enough. I figured out going back and forth between Mombasa and Nairobi wouldn’t help me stabilize my career and Dr. Eddie offered to house me.

Interviewer:  In his own house?

Otile Brown: Yes

Interviewer:  For how long?

Otile Brown: For about seven months and then I moved out. He has a big mansion; sometimes we wouldn’t even see each other for three days and had to call each other to find out if either of us was in the house.

Interviewer:  The blogs have it that you used to sell ‘chang’aa’ before you got into music…

Otile Brown: Yes, I had to. I know how far I’ve come and that’s why I’m so hungry in this game, waiting for my moment when I get to the top. I know I’m headed there. My mom died when I was about to turn 13. I don’t like talking about it but I don’t shy away from speaking about it because I know it could motivate someone. Sometimes when I would get caught, the officers would frogmarch me past the school compound where other children would see me. It was embarrassing. I didn’t like doing it but I had to survive.

Interviewer:  Most of your songs are about love; are you in love?

Otile Brown: Not at the moment.

Interviewer: Where do you get the inspiration from?

Otile Brown: It’s my job, it’s my business. I don’t have to go through it to sing it. If I make my listeners feel like I’m in love and get them to feel a certain way, then my job is done. I don’t have to go through something to get an idea of what to sing about, but when it touches someone out there and inspires them…

Interviewer:  Have you ever been deeply in love?

Otile Brown: Yes I have, it was intense. There was this woman back in Mombasa; we went to a party together and she got drunk and just when guys were leaving she trashed the whole place. I took the blame even though the neighbors clearly saw her do it. I still insisted it was me. I spent a week in the cells before I was bailed out.

Interviewer:  What is the genre of your music?

Otile Brown: It’s called Kunitz. Tanzanians call it Bongo but from my knowledge, it is derived from the Arabs, which the Mijikenda borrowed.

Interviewer:  You featured King Kaka on the song ‘Alivyonipenda’. How did you meet?

Otile Brown: We met at iClub and exchanged phone numbers. I remember he told me he had an idea for a song he wanted us to work on together. I sent my verses and chorus and stuff but before that, I told him there’s a song I wanted to feature him in. He agreed. I sent it and he liked it.

Interviewer:  This was ‘Alivyonipenda’?

Otile Brown: Yes.

Interviewer:  What happened to the first one?

Otile Brown: This industry is funny. I know people who have many songs but have never released them. Things keep changing really fast, beats, style…

Interviewer:  Why is that?

Otile Brown: People get a lot of advice from people who think they know best. There’s a big artiste in the industry (I won’t mention the name) with whom I did a song. I’m just exhausted because he keeps changing his verse, about four times now. So when he was ready to release it, it wasn’t the right time for me. There are songs that you do but the timing is never right and they never see the light of day.

Interviewer:  What about Khaligraph? What was your first reaction when you met him?

Otile Brown: He’s not the arrogant person people think he is. I’ve known Khaligraph for a while now and he’s the coolest guy ever. People judge others unfairly. Don’t believe everything you see on television.

Otile Brown Photo

Otile Brown Image
Otile Brown Image

Otile Brown Video – Otile Brown & Sanaipei Tande – Chaguo La Moyo


Otile Brown New Song | Otile Brown Latest Song

Otile Brown Crush

Otile Brown Samantha

Niende – Otile Brown (Audio)

Baby Love – Otile Brown

Otile Brown Latest News

Otile Brown shows off his young replacement for socialite Vera Sidika – VIDEO

Singer Otile Brown. PHOTOS | COURTESY

Singer Otile Brown has found new love after his ugly breakup with socialite Vera Sidika and says he is finally ready to settle down. Otile introduced the new woman in his life in a video he posted on Instagram that captured them in a loving embrace. The girl identifies herself as Nabayet on Instagram.

The ‘Samantha’ hitmaker went ahead to shower her with praises, saying she is his soulmate. In addition, he claimed that he was now done being a player and is ready to settle down and live a peaceful life.

“Yani wewe na uhuni na ujanja wako wote lazima utakutana na kiboko yako atakaye kutuliza.. Wifi yenu @nabbi__ wewe kiboko.. tell e’m am done done Nimewala sana sai nimetulia staki mbwembwe,” wrote Otile Brown.

Otile Brown flaunts new car after second breakup with Vera Sidika

Musician Otile Brown with his new toy. PHOTO | COURTESY

Musician Otile Brown has flaunted his new Mercedes Benz just days after his second bitter break up with socialite Vera Sidika. The purchase of the Mercedes Benz was the cause of friction between Otile and Vera after the socialite claimed the musician had begged her for a Sh500k top up in order to purchase the car.

The two had an ugly spat that featured screenshots and a vlog by Vera explaining that she had had enough of Otile’s money borrowing. Vera released WhatsApp screenshots of her conversations with Otile in which she responded that she was not in a position to help with the loan request. This was just days after they had kissed and made up in Dubai.

It seems an angry Otile went mute on Vera after his request was turned down, that leading to the socialite to wonder whether he rekindled their old love just for the money. Otile will later also release his cache screenshots of conversations in which he had agreed to help Vera pay rent for her salon.

And in a subsequent Insta story post, he explained how he craved to add the Mercedes Benz to his parking lot just to boost his after being hurt by Vera.  He added that he could afford it. Otile also apologized to Vera for hitting back with the salon rent discussion, saying he did it out of anger as he loved Vera dearly but maintained that the relationship is over.

Vera Sidika Exposes Otile Brown After 3rd Break-Up

29/10/2018 | SDE

The on and off relationship between socialite Vera Sidika and singer Otile Brown has taken a nose dive.

The once mushy lovers are throwing Molotov cocktails at each other and are not sparing any drop in airing private details of their once juicy relationship.

For starters, Vera claims that the relationship was dead on the tracks before it took off after the Chaguo la Moyo singer starting asking for money. A move she said was an immediate turn-off.

She adds that the ‘borrowing’ climaxed after they got back together following their much-publicized breakup when he allegedly asked for an Sh500, 000 loan as a top up for a brand new Mercedes Benz.

“As much as we love so deep. Women do find it a turn off when a man keeps asking for money. Regularly. From week two of dating, claiming he will refund & he never did. I have never even once in my life asked him for any money. This time it happened 2 days after reconciliation and it ended up looking like the only reason he came back was for the money. Because when I said I didn’t have 500k he went mute for 1 week and the next time I saw him he was claiming that relationship ain’t working.

“I refuse to be used financially or for fame. If such a person walks away coz u didn’t give them money …it’s more like good riddance,”

she posted.

Wait, there is more.

The Vera Beauty Parlour owner also claimed that she had been also supporting Otile’s ‘cousins’, paid for his studio sessions and flight bills.

Screen shot showing Vera and Otile Brown's Conversations
Screenshot showing Vera and Otile Brown’s Conversations

A position disputed by Otile who disclosed that indeed he asked for the money but it was just that, a loan, that he would reimburse had she come through.

He added that her rant was ‘aibu ndogo ndogo’ and that they normally borrow money from each. Otile claimed he had recently paid Vera’s salon rent.

The singer reiterated that the reason for the breakup was not about money but Vera’s push that he gets her pregnant and get married.

In a rejoinder, Vera said she had never asked Otile for money, was never broke and had moved on after the break-up.

Otile Brown breaks the silence after ending a relationship with Vera Sidika

22nd August 2018 | Hivisasa

Singer Otile Brown has finally shared his side of the story after breaking up with socialite Vera Sidika. In an Instagram post, Otile Brown accused Sidika of wrongly accusing him of the failed relationship.

Sidika had earlier on accused Otile of using and dumping her, allegations the singer denied stating that he truly loved her.

Otile opened up on how the couple was fighting and arguing days before they both decided to put an end to their relationship. “I realized this now a mission to destroy my career by making women hate me because most of my followers are ladies,” Otile said.

Otile further accused Vera if giving too much attention to what social media was saying rather than focusing on the relationship.

“I believe she wrote that not because she was hurting but because she cares about what social media says about her,” he revealed.

Otile noted that prior to Vera Sidika announcement, they met and agreed on the break up as mature people.

Following the breakup, Otile came under attack from Vera Sidika fans who accused him of using and dumping the socialite. Many accused him of being in the relationship to advance his career.

Recently, Otile released a song dubbed ‘Baby Love’ where he featured Sidika.

Otile Brown Ft Khaligraph Jones mp3

Otile Brown’s busy year started with countless music hit songs that have taken his musical career to a higher level and many more.

Now, the R&B and Bongo hitmaker Otile Brown has this time tied up with the Kenyan Hip-Hop King himself Khaligraph Jones on there new hit sizzling single dubbed Nataka.

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