When you have a great party, like ODM, it is your duty to defend it with your last drop of blood so it can become even greater. Edwin Sifuna has thrown himself into the line of fire for the party when others who call themselves life members were dining with the enemy and celebrating as our great party burn.

When we consider the number of ODM party faithful who have been incarcerated by the Jubilee government for spiritually advancing our social democracy ideology, we are forced to remember those within the party who stood with them even when their careers were gravely on the line. Edwin Sifuna has always been ready to sacrifice his life, and career, for this special group of party faithful. For that we shall be eternally grateful to him.

We stand here today to warn that unless the ODM party hierarchy finds the solidarity, intelligence, courage and will to stand by Edwin Sifuna at this time of party tumult, then they will deserve Alexander Herzen’s declaration “We are not the doctors. We are the disease.”

This endorsement, should it come, has the potential to throw the Jubilee Alliance Party off balance, since it will cut off their long lingering link with internal informers who have been using the Party structures to sell intel for for a pittance. If it wasn’t for these underground networks we’re trying to dismantle, the Orange Democratic Movement would be ruling this country right now.

The Orange Democratic Movement, therefore, must be told that patience is a perishable virtue. We are aware of statements that have been made discrediting Edwin Sifuna’s gallant act of coming forward to help steady this clumbering ship being wrecked from within. We sit here today to send a warning to party officials hell-bent on antagonizing those who have put their lives on the line to defend this party. We want to remind them that given their unsavoury language, every loss will be regarded as a win.

Some of the pronouncements that have been made by this Party’s officials have been alarmingly outrageous. There is no other word to describe our disappointment with them. We are worringly sleepwalking through history. Yet those who matter in this Party continue to be hauntingly silent.

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We are here to declare that we shall stand by Edwin Sifuna and those Party officials who will put the interest of our Party foremost. We promise them of our unwavering support. We take an oath to help them defend this Party from internal sabotage and external aggression.

As we finish, we want to remind all Party faithful of goodwill to come out in their numbers and help save it from sinking. Those who have been working for us and earning from Jubilee have been smoked out and we expect them to put a vicious fightback. It is their Samson Complex since they will have nothing to lose bringing the Party’s walls down. They are, now, very dangerous. It will not be easy fighting them and their faceless sponsors.

But we will win. We will win because this Party is greater than any individual and their sponsors. We will win because this Party has gallant men and women ready to rise up to the occasion and punish treachery with treason. We will win because the voice of the people is the voice of God.

ODM Women’s League,
25th June, 2016.