Wakili Edwin Sifuna, HOLD Your FIRE!

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Edwin Sifuna. You may not agree with me. Edwin Sifuna. I may not agree with you. But what you and I can agree without dispute is, everything under the sun has procedure and protocol.

When Ababu Namwamba expressed his disatisfaction in ODM and his unhappiness as the Secretary General, I never saw him say that he has resigned. If indeed he had resigned and ODM SG, he would have done so in writing, not in a press conference. He would have done so, understanding the consequences of resigning without handing over.

Let’s assume he did resign. And let’s assume the position of SG within ODM is open. Do we fill it from the streets?

Just as Justus Atuti can do, Edwin Sifuna and anyone interested in this coveted position can only pen an interest. He can only express a wish and it is the onus of the NEC to define the way forward. Edwin Sifuna purporting to have taken over the office of the SG from Ababu is both unfortunate and misguided and deserves repremanding.

ODM is a national party that cannot fill her positions just from a high stool in a bar around a bottle of beer. There is procedure laid down and must be followed.

As far as Justus Atuti knows, Ababu Namwamba is still the party a secretary General and if he quits, the party will fill the position by following the set rules. If it goes to Justus Atuti or Edwin Sifuna is the prerogative of the ODM party members, not individual selfseekers like Edwin Sifuna…

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