Obama the idiot…

By The Banana Peddler
One of the idiots that history will never forget is Barrack Obama. Personally, I have never esteemed him as a leader. The eejit is only a proficient rhetorician, only good at giving empty promises. Since he ascended to the helm as US President, he has nothing to show.

The only achievement is that he killed Osama and Gaddafi. Just like those other idiots Nelson Mandela and Jommo Kenyatta, the changeling is highly overrated. I don’t care whether he has roots here in Kenya.

The fact remains that he has messed the world. Instead of getting rid of idiots like this one of ours here in Kenya and Museveni of Uganda, the idiot elected to finish Gaddafi.

Honestly Obama, “Of all the dictators and stealers of public monies in Africa, why Gaddafi?” Go to hell with your flowery speeches. That is why I welcome President Donald Trump to redeem Africa.

They hated Reagan when he was elected but turned out to be one of the best Presidents of the United States. They hate Trump but I am sure he’ll make America great and as well go down in history as one of the best Presidents ever ruled America.