Nude lady MP causes stir at Nairobi city Intercontinental Hotel

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There was drama at RKL international casino located at Nairobi Intercontinental Hotel when a powerful South Sudan woman MP Martha Nyanuer arrived half naked with a white pant and gambled a cool 2 million dollars but lost.

After the embarrassing moment, accompanied by a prominent Kenyan man, Nyanuer retreated to her room only to emerge back in changed attire generously exposing her boobs.


The spendthrift Martha Nyanuer is the second wife to the sacked former Minister of Petroleum Ezekiel Loi Gatkuoth.

President Salva Kiir fired Gatkuoth on matters relating to corruption running into millions of US dollars.

Martha who is also linked to money laundering has been channeling party of her dirty money into hosting secret meetings in top range Nairobi city hotels to blackmail President Kiir to have her husband reappointed.

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