Is this stoking the fire of the Jubilee/Cord Divide? One paper for the Cord side and another for the Jubilee side all to make sure you sell a paper !

Two Nation Newspapers, same day, different headlines
Two Nation Newspapers, same day, different headlines

If you are true to the Country and its people as Kenyans, print one headline that says 100% truth and stand by it no matter the consequences. Journalist are the fourth estate and the story should weigh more than the sales of a paper daily nation !

What worries me is that the fourth estate here is weighing in on the political dived and printing papers that cause voters to react in different demographic electoral areas resulting in opinions being made in favour of one or the other side.

If the Government is failing tell everyone. If the Government is working also tell everyone. You are the media and be neutral and fair in your reporting.

Let us have one copy for the whole Country !

This is my two cents !