A private jet carrying Kenya’s former first lady Mama Ngina has this morning landed at Kabarak Airport within former President Daniel arap Moi’s expansive farm outside Nakuru Town.
The unusual visit has been prompted by a confidential NSI report projecting a first round electoral loss for President Uhuru Kenyatta in general elections scheduled for August 2017.
The public booing and humiliation suffered by both President Uhuru (in Mombasa) and DP Ruto (in Rift Valley and Nyanza) has only added fuel to a raging fire.
Mama Ngina, widely believed to be the power behind the throne in the Uhuruto government, made the unscheduled visit to Kabarak not to pay homage but to convey the disturbing “Kamata Kamata” news to the ailing nonagenarian ex-President and to urge him to persuade his son Baringo Senator Gideon Moi not to join the increasingly popular opposition super alliance NASA.
“Kamata Kamata” is the rallying call for opposition unity mooted by the ever-green Raila Odinga. So alarmed by the threat posed by NASA are the power-brokers that informed sources say Mama Ngina is prepared to throw DP Ruto under the bus to ensure the two dominant families avoid the transformative Raila – presidency at all costs. Such a presidency will upset the status quo and disrupt the business comfort minting billions of shillings in revenue for the Moi – Kenyatta families.
The panic was underlined in President Uhuru’s first ever radio interview yesterday on Kameme FM, a Kikuyu vernacular radio station his family owns, where he poured vitriol on opposition and blamed opposition chief Raila Odinga for everything that has gone wrong with Jubilee administration.
To make it worse, recent democratic regime change events in Africa, especially in Ghana and Gambia has not given any comfort to the Kenyattas and the NSI report only rubbed salt into an already open wound.
Key business personalities with significant stakes at the Nairobi Stock Exchange have withdrawn their support for the fast crumbling Uhuruto regime after they suffered losses running to billions of shillings.
The NSE was ranked the worst performing stock market in the world as stock prices fell a record low in 2017.
Pundits are questioning the wisdom of approaching the elderly and ailing Moi with complex political problems since the ex-President is reportedly exhibiting signs of dementia and who now has a permanent medical team standing by at his Kabarak home.