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BY Milkah Ndegwa:

Mambo ndio haya sasa. Wenye mulikuwa mzauliza. I, im a kenyan living in China. I’ve bn here 4 an 1yr. Ed every day n now is anew story. Now i cant help to see how young kenyans r suffering here ed they came in serch of Greener pasture. I was recruted by an AGency in Nairobi called MUTHUI Agency. 1st promised a job in Canada thaen after paying the infront of 150k ed waiting 4 2months. He called me ed said there was adelay ed the Embassy was having problems. He said there was another job in CHINA ed cld start working immediately ed it was paying 250k from initial was paying 150k. I had to pay 300k….. He took me the Airport ed there to my surprise i met other 6 pple that were 2 travel 2gether. He gave us a document to sigh that it was to conferm that he had given us PPT. On our way in he gave us an envelope that had our contracts as he said. Ed he said we should not open it til we reach at Doha that’s where we had to stop. Getting to DOHA we sat 2gether ed i openned it. It was not contract bt aletter on how we were 2 go abt when we arrive in CHINA. We had to take atrain 4 32hrs ed he promised someone wil pick us up on arrival to China we faced many challenges. Since we didnt know even the currency rate ed nobody culd speak ENGlish ed 4 anight we slept outside since we didnt know even how to ask 4 ahotel. Nxt day we got lucky n found aman from Ghana who helped us to book for atrain since we had lost much cash. We had to go standing for 32 hrs. When we got to the place we found alady by the name TERESIA NYAMBURA. She had 2 single rms ed other 8kenyans were there without jobs. We were to sleep shifts ed with some ladies were sent to brothels ed when they came back she culdnt take them. Finally we realised that there were no jobs. We planned to complain to Kenyan Embassy ed she told us to take the No n calling them nothing was done. Instead they told her ed she kicked us out. The lyf was hard ed they rented asingle room 10 guys. The 7 ladies we thought to go back home enquiring our tickets oops it was 1 way. 2 ladies came bk home. I got lucky i got akenyan married man who took me in as a chips funga. N same to my other 2 frds the 2 got a nigerian bf ed tricked them in drugs. So unfortunatly as i write this 2 u this 2 ladis wil b hanged today by chines gornment ed more 17 kenyans. It has bn atrend more kenyans streaming in. I later got ajob may b i may say by miracle. Kenyans r becoming prositutes ed thieves since there no jobs esp at the middle of term. I met 8 kenyans now street families in China brought by the same agent. This agents include MUTHUI AGENCY and TALENT QUEST. Take care my sisters ed bros. This is one boy writing to u.

Plixzx share this……n for more info just hit muthui limited company…….that’s ma frend who shared that story afta telling him I signed a contract wth tht agency

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