controversial political scientist Mutahi Ngunyi has warned the Jubilee administration against harassing members of the opposition because it’ll do it more harm than good.

Speaking from his private office in Upper Hill, Ngunyi told President Uhuru that arresting any of the opposition members at this critical juncture will give Raila political mileage and discredit his administration.

Ngunyi was speaking in reference to the recent detention of Mombasa Governor His Excellency Ali Hassan Joho aka Governor 001 aka Sultani Joho, when he stormed Coast Provincial police headquarters to have an ally released.

Ngunyi revealed that those advising the President on the detention route are misleading him and peradventure, doing that intentionally to make the President lose the August polls.

“You see, politics is tricky especially when it reaches a time like this. Arresting any member of the opposition is regarded by observers as a government weakness and a sense of defeat. It is not only precarious and preposterous but also an exhibition of naivety by a ruling government. Harassing opposition figures, President Uhuru will be embarking on an absolute perilous political voyage across the ocean in a leaking boat. I always tell Uhuru that Raila Odinga is a very clever man who would ambidextrously make good use of a crisis to benefit himself and it has previously worked in his favor. Sometimes I have a premonition there are forces within Jubilee that are blood-thirsting for Uhuru’s failure. Uhuru’s enemy is very close to him and he is even more dangerous than Raila. In fact, if Raila had a chance to finish Uhuru, he would spare him for some reasons unlike this dangerous but powerful enemy within who wants to see his political extinction. Arresting Sultani Joho for instance, is gravely harmful to Jubilee health. The President must be careful with Raila because the former Premier has been in this game for a long time compared to him” He Said.