Museveni: Kenya’s Amina Mohammed DEBACLE at AU Summit, Who BETRAYED WHOM?

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By Njonjo Mue

THE AMINA DEBACLE: Who betrayed whom?

Kenya supported apartheid South Africa.

Kenya led to the collapse of the EAC in 1977 and timed it to ensure we kept planes bought with regional money.

During Idi Amin’s reign of terror, Kenyan police constantly harassed Ugandan refugees. Kenya refused to support Nyerere in ousting Amin because its elites were benefiting from smuggled coffee during Amin’s dictatorship.

During the genocide, Kenya harboured the genocidaires and sent a planeload of fleeing victims back to Rwanda.

No, Africa did not betray Kenya yesterday. It was Kenya that betrayed Africa a long time ago and has consistently done so until last month when it waited until the very last minute to officially recognize the newly democratically elected President of The Gambia.

But history does not forget..

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