Mr President, don’t call us ‘Jeshi’.

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By Kairu Kagwaini

President uhuru addressing gikuyu community via Kameme FM
Nothing pains like seeing your father snatching your only girlfriend. My use of the term girlfriend in this context is figurative. As you know we are the cursed generation where no young man has one girlfriend.

Our immorality has reached to a level that a man who has a good salary and even a free house with free water and electricity will have to flag down a matutu carrying 33 or even 58 voters so as to steal from a ‘jeshi’ trying to make ends meet. It is also for this reason that our ‘jeshi’ who are hawkers will have to pay someone 5000 shilings to be allowed to operate within the CBD for between 30-45 minutes without being stubbed with a rusty knife by the Nairobi county Askaris.

To add salt to the freshy wounds, president Uhuru Kenyatta who should be busy resolving the current stalemate in the health sector choose to go round calling the very ‘jeshi’ he didn’t acknowledge their presence for five years, telling them not to let him down.

Mr. President our community had very brilliant brains even before the white men came. They composed to us such wise saying as “njika na njika ndiri maruru” and “ria mukuru rikinyaga muruna” . I mean, don’t you feel the guilt in your heart? What have you done for us as your ‘jeshi’? I mean what is it that can distinguish me from those young men from the other side who voted jamaa wa vitendawili and is always ready to go for mass action.

Allow me to just ask this; kai giti giki gitari murio? If there is no difference between we who woke up at 3.00am, sat in the cold for hours and walked to the booth just to make you the president and those who did otherwise, we have no business wasting each other’s time. Your father was here before you, I guess he is the explanation as to why my grandfather died landless and homeless, now you the son is back, you want my blood!

Just how stupid do you think the Mount Kenya youths are? Don’t you think it pains us losing our relatives in the public hospitals simply because you can’t implement an already signed CBA with doctors? Why can’t you just take the obligation that the former regimes committed to do? I mean you already set precedent with the payment of the Golden berg scandal.

If you think am out of touch with the reality on the ground, come down mingle your ‘jeshi’ and you will be shocked to learn that they have serious and genuine issues that are concerning you and your presidency. Your ‘jeshi’ who are Hawkers are being stabbed, ran down, beaten up and their properties destroyed. Their expiring leases are not renewed. They haven’t felt your presence for the last four years. Their water is being drawn in tunnels, they continue to be jobless. They want to seek to you Mr. President.

The “Uthamaki” mr president Wants to protect has only been beneficial to him, his relatives and friends .The “Jeshi” and largely the Gikuyu nation got nothing to celebrate about.

How now that Mr president wants to secure another 5yrs as the CEO of Kenya while 40-50 % of the Jeshi he is talking to are jobless ? The same same who Mr president want to step on their heads on his way to amass wealth are very vulnerable, hungry, sick and thirsty. Their water is being drained to serve Nairobi where mr president and his family lives .

For the past four years the president forgot about the Jeshi, whom when voting they thought they were protecting their man from ICC. Now the ICC is gone why should the Jeshi wake up to go protect their general, who left them high and dry after winning round one ?

Look here am not fighting President Uhuru Kenyatta , but I shall not make the same mistakes that my grandfather did( who was a maumau)

He spent most of his time fighting for land but he died landless because Kenyatta grabbed all the land in the name of “uthamaki”.

Am not going to vote to Raila, but neither am I going to protect this kind of “uthamaki”.

-political scientist and lawyer

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