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Most frequently asked questions about TP-Link powerline devices

This Article Applies to:TL-WPA4227KIT , TL-PA7020P , TL-PA551KIT , TL-PA511 , TL-PA511KIT , TL-PA411KIT , TL-WPA4226T KIT , TL-PA210 , TL-PA111KIT , TL-PA4010P , TL-PA4010P KIT , TL-PA211 , TL-PA2030KIT , TL-PA251 , TL-WPA4221 KIT , TL-PA2010PKIT , TL-PA111 , TL-PA8010P , TL-WPA2220 , TL-PA4020P , TL-WPA4220KIT , TL-PA250KIT , TL-PA250 , TL-WPA4220T KIT , TL-PA7017P KIT , TL-PA6010KIT , TL-PA2010 , TL-PA201 , TL-PA101 , TL-WPA271 , TL-PA411 , TL-WPA271KIT , TL-PA210KIT , TL-PA551 , TL-PA6010 , TL-WPA2220KIT , TL-PA2010KIT , TL-PA251KIT , TL-PA4030KIT , TL-PA7020 , TL-PA4010 KIT , TL-PA2010P , TL-PA4010 , TL-PA4020P KIT , TL-PA4020 KIT , TL-WPA4220 KIT , TL-WPA281KIT , TL-WPA281 , TL-PA201KIT , TL-PA101KIT , TL-PA2030 , TL-PA7020 KIT , TL-PA7020P KIT , TL-PA8010P KIT , TL-PA4025P KIT , TL-PA211KIT , TL-PA4030 , TL-PA8030P KIT , TL-WPA4226KIT , TL-WPA4220

Q&A of functional explanation or specification parameters

Part1Configuration on Powerline Devices

Q1.1: What can I do if the powerline adapters do not work automatically by “plug &play”?

A: In most cases, our powerline adapters will pair up automatically .If not, please press the pair buttons to pair them up, or use the Powerline Utility to pair. For detailed instruction, please refer to [APP][Pair Button] or [tpPLC Utility].

Q1.2: How do I add a new powerline adapter to an existing powerline network?

A: You can either press the pair buttons to add or use the Powerline Utility to add. For detailed instruction, please refer to [APP][Pair Button] or [tpPLC Utility].

Q1.3: How do I clone the Wi-Fi if pressing WPS buttons do not work or there is no WPS button on my router?

A:We can manually change the powerline extender’s wireless name and password to be the same as the router, please click [Setup Video] and check out the video [How to Configure the TP-Link Powerline Extender to Your Wi-Fi Network]to get help or refer to the following FAQs.

[FAQ]: [APP][Web UI] or [tpPLC Utility] to get more details.

Q1.4: How can I manage the Powerline adapters on MAC or Ubuntu OS?

A: For MAC 10.6 or later, we also provide Powerline Utility to manage our powerline adapters.

For Ubuntu or older versions of MAC, we don’t provide configuration utility for them, please configure the adapters on Windows OS. Or use the pair buttons to pair them and use the web interface to configure our wireless powerline adapters.

For how to secure powerline adapters, please refer to [APP][Pair Button] or [tpPLC Utility].

How Do I Secure My Wireless Powerline Extender on a Mac Computer? 

Q1.5: Do I need to reset the powerline adapters/extenders if I’ve changed my router?

A: Not necessary. Just keep the way that existing adapters/extenders hook up to your old router. If you need to change the wireless settings of the extenders to be the same as the new router’s settings, please press the WPS button on the router and then Wi-Fi button on the adapter; or click [Setup Video] and check out the video [How to Configure the TP-Link Powerline Extender to Your Wi-Fi Network]to get help or refer to the following FAQs.


[APP][Web UI] or [tpPLC Utility] to get more details about how to customize the wireless settings on powerline devices.

Part2Troubleshooting on Powerline Device

Q2.1: What can I do if I can’t have Internet connection after connected to powerline adapter

A: Please check out the video [How to Troubleshoot a TP-Link Powerline Product] to get more detailed information

Or you can click HEREto get more information about what we can do if there is no Internet connection after connected to powerline adapter.

Q2.2: What can I do if the internet speed is slow when connecting to the powerline adapter?

A: Click here to see the detailed troubleshooting steps.

Q2.3: What can I do if the internet connection is unstable when connecting to the powerline adapter?

A: Click here to see more tips for the unstable issue.

Q2.4: What can I do if my powerline rate is very slow?

A: Powerline products transmit data through the power line of your house. The powerline rate is mainly decided by the quality of power line environment. Please refer to this FAQ for suggestions.

Q2.5: Why can not my powerline rate reach 600Mbps, 1200Mbps or 2000Mbps?

A: 600Mbps, 1200Mbps or 2000Mbps are the highest powerline rate in theory. However the power line circuit is very complex, there may be much interference. Electrical equipments with electromotor, like washing machine/air-condition, can generate interference may even cut off your powerline connection. If possible, please avoid such devices.

Part3: Other questions about Powerline Device

 Q3.1: Are TP-LINK AV500, AV600, AV1000, AV1200, AV2000 powerline adapters compatible with each other? Are TP-LINK PLC adapters compatible with adapters of other brands?

A: TP-LINK AV500, AV600, AV1000 powerline adapters adopt HomePlug AV Standard, so they are compatible with each other, AV1200 and AV2000 adopt HomePlug AV2,that is also backward compatible with HomePlug AV standard, which means TP-LINK AV500, AV600, AV1000, AV1200, AV2000 are all compatible with each other. However, the powerline rate will drop to lowest one’s rate when use different AV adapters together.

For adapters of other brands, if they adopt the same standard, they should also be compatible with TP-LINK adapters. However, different brands’ products will have different ways to pair and configure,it might be much easier to use adapters from the same brand.

Note: For Deco series powerline products (e.g., Deco P7&P9), they also adopt the HomePlug AV Standard. However, the powerline function works for Deco products only and takes effect after the Deco PLC units form a mesh network together. Thus, they’re not compatible with other TP-Link PLC adapters or adapters of other brands.

Q3.2: Can several Powerline networks exist simultaneously in same power circuit?

A: Yes. The powerline networks can be separated by different network names. About how to change the network name, it can be made by the pair button or attached Utility. However, the overall throughput is shared by the multiple networks, please be informed of this. Please refer to the [APP][Pair Button] or [tpPLC Utility]. to change the powerline network names.

Q3.3: How many PLC adapters can be paired together?               

A:  For more detail information, please refer to FAQ 434  

Q3.4: If there are many powerline adapters in the same private network, how will the power line rate be of each device?

A: In the same private power line network, all devices share the whole bandwidth.

 Q3.5: Can Powerline adapters work if they are separated by different electric circuits?

A: No. If they can pair in the same room, but the powerline LED turns off when you move one powerline device to another area, this usually means they are plugged into separate electrical circuits, preventing them from communicating. Please try different locations.  

Q3.6: Can TP-LINK powerline adapters work in unstable power line circuit?

A: Yes. The voltage range that powerline adapters can work with is 100-240V, the general voltage fluctuation will not affect the stability.

Q3.7: Can Powerline adapters work if they are separated by UPS?

A: No. Usually, UPS  has filter function. It can cut the powerline connection. Some air-switches or breaker also have the same function. Besides, some power outlets have surge protector function which can also cut the powerline connection. You’d better not plug powerline adapters to outlets.

Q3.8: Why my powerline adapters interfere with some other devices?

A: Since HomePlug AV/AV2 protocol use the same frequency band with some other devices, Powerline products may interfere with devices such as lighting systems that have a dimmer switch or a touch-sensitive on/off feature, short wave radios, cable television system, VDSL devices, speakers, or other Powerline devices that do not follow the HomePlug AV/AV2 standard.

Q3.9: Can appliances affect the performance of Powerline products?

A: It depends, please refer to FAQ 882 for more details.

Q3.10: Can TP-LINK powerline adapters work in different phases of three-phase circuit?

A: Yes, but its rate will be affected when crossing the phases. For three-phase four-line circuit, we suggest you use the topology below to get good performance.

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