President Uhuru Kenyatta two weeks ago shocked his cabinet members and senior state house officials when he told them he intends to win 2017 but should he lose to another candidate he will not cling to power.

The President who had spent the week being inundated with scandal after scandal is said to have warned every CS must play his or her part to deliver the Jubilee manifesto saying he will not criss-cross the country feeding people on hope when it is clear some of them are not doing much to deliver the grand promises Jubilee made in 2013.

“He was categorical if Jubilee loses to CORD he intends to leave power,” said a source. Kenya Today picked this tidbit from a second source with ties to State House.

It is also at the same meeting that he decided to fire his former political advisor Nancy Gitau.

According to the source, Nancy Gitau is the one who brought EACC chair Philip Kinisu on board. Uhuru had warned that should the new EACC not perform to his expectation, those who suggested their names would carry the burden. When it was clear Kinisu had been found with hands in the cookie jar, he summoned Gitau and fired her.

Contrary to claims by Gitau that she resigned voluntarily, Kenya Today has established that she was fired over Kinisu. Sources claim Gitau and Kinisu’s wife Mary Njeri are cousins.

It is also emerging that the high calibre bullet that shot through Kinisu’s window may have come from the Defence Headquarters which is the building adjacent to Kinisu’s Kose Heights in Hurlingham Are