As the Internet becomes the primary method by which businesses and brands market and sell their products and services, their domains and websites have become the most valuable assets many of them have on their books. According to domain facts and statistics from Websitebuilderau, GoDaddy, one of the leading domain registrars in the world, has over 54 million domains registered. On their site, the average domain ranges from 10 dollars to 70 dollars, and though this is cheap to many, some domains are worth significantly more. Here are some of the most expensive Internet real estate ever.

Most Expensive Domains is the most expensive domain of all time. Although covering its registration for a 35-year period, the domain was reportedly purchased for 90 million dollars.

Other big price tag domain acquisitions include insurance sites; and both purchased in 2010 for 49.7 and 35.6 million US dollars, respectively.

Another major sector seeing the highest priced domain name buyouts include the travel market, where was purchased in 2007 for 35 million dollars and was purchased in 2012 for 30.18 million dollars. garnered a sale price of 18 million in 2009, and betting site was sold in 2015 for 17 million US dollars, rounding out the list of most expensive domain names ever.

Most Expensive TLD’s

For those looking to register their own high-priced domain, the most expensive TLD or top-level domain is .ng, with a yearly registration fee of 40,000 US dollars annually. Verizon purchased the costliest non-government TLD in history .web for a reported 135 million dollars, and .spreadbetting is the second costliest non-government TLDm as it costs $30,000 dollars to register a domain with that extension.

As the Internet continues to grow the value of domains, the Internet’s real estate will increase to match. Having the right domain name is a key to many top brands and can potentially be a million dollar capital gain to the right investor who bought the right property.

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Infographic: 101 Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About Domain Names

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