On average, Luhya and Luo women produce more children than Kikuyu women, yet in the Muigai-Kibicho-Mwangi-Muia fraudulent Census of 2019, Kiambu has more people than Nyanza and Western counties combined. Something is rotten in Muigai Njee Meta Meta/Kenyatta’s Kitchen.

The result of the 2019 census is factually, scientifically and practically wrong. It’s meant to make few individuals happy. The need of the many should outweigh the need of the few.

Census was a farce bearing in mind the women of certain known regions have been complaining their men deny them conjugal rights. Then boom, u see that the Census shows those regions have the highest populations, predictably by osmosis.

Kiambu has 2.4M , Kakamega 1.8M, Bungoma 1.6M how does Kiambu have many people than western and Nyanza?

 if Kiambu is cosmopolitan as many.here claim,then why do they all vote in one direction during the election?

We all know the census results are fake and cooked,they do not depict the true picture of things on the ground…!?Kikuyu’s fertility rate has reduced over the years and kindergartens in Central are empty with no kids,chang’aa na mogoka zimewamaliza kabisa

Something is wrong with the census results. Tharaka Nithi which has been giving the opposition sleepless nights has 300k people according this census but is known to give over 800k votes in every election. Luhyas have over 15subtribes and we all.know that the maragolis and Bukusus alone can be aleast 2M before you add the other subtribes. Sisi tunajua vile waluhya wamezaana.

Reject Ukoloni Mamboleo!