Mario Balotelli vs Roberto Mancini

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Mario Balotelli is an incredibly talented player. In fact, it could be argued that if he would be more disciplined, he could have easily become one of the best players in the world. When visiting 1xBet – all sports betting Nigeria offers great odds on everything related to Italian football.

Balotelli has had many coaches during his career. However, there is a particular name that has crossed paths with him over and over again: Roberto Mancini. Both have been together in different teams, such as:

  • Inter Milan:
  • Manchester City;
  • and the Italian national team.

However, their relationship hasn’t been easy. It is fair to say that Mancini believed in him, as he constantly gave him new chances. On some occasions the player has shined under Mancini, while in others he has been a total disappointment. Users will find all sports betting options in 1xBet Nigeria, which features the best of Italian football and from many other places in the world.

A strange occurrence
On the 24th of July 2011, Manchester City was touring the United States preparing themselves for the upcoming season of the English Premier League. Fans from all over the world can visit at any moment in order to place wagers on all its matches.

During this tour, the Citizens visited the Los Angeles Galaxy. This particular match ended 1-1, with the goals being scored by Mike Magee and Balotelli himself. However, a strange occurrence was seen in the match, which was another chapter in the complicated relationship between Mancini and Balotelli.

It was almost the 30th minute of the game. Balotelli receives the ball in the box and faces the goalkeeper. His teammate Edin Dzeko was in a perfect position to receive a pass from the Italian and score the goal. However, instead of passing the ball or hitting it directly in the direction of the goal, Balotelli decides to make a spin and do a harmless heel shot. Many other games that feature players of this quality are available on the 1xBet website.

Aftermath of this event
Dzeko was furious for not receiving a pass. However, there was another person who was even more furious: Roberto Mancini. The 1xBet ng casino can be visited at any moment when wanting to play some great games while waiting for games of teams coached by Mancini.

Mancini couldn’t believe what he saw. He simply exploded in anger, so much so that he immediately ordered James Milner to get ready to enter the field. A minute later, the fourth official announces a substitution. Balotelli comes out and Milner goes in. While the Italian player goes to the bench, Mancini is seen yelling at him for doing such a stupidity. The casino available at 1xBet ng has great games, which can be played prior to every match of Manchester City.

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