An Obama has joined the birther movement. Malik Obama, Barack Obama’s half-brother, tweeted image of what appears to be Barack’s birth certificate. Except it’s not from Hawaii, but rather Kenya. ​“What’s this?” he tweeted. The document is from the “Coast Province General Hospital” in Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya, and is for Barack Hussein Obama II, who was born on the “4th day of August, 1961.” In 2011, the White House released what it claimed was President Obama’s “long form birth certificate.” Well America Sheriff Arpaio was correct in stating just before the Inauguration of Trump that Obama’s American birth certificate is enriched in fraud, and now we have help from Barack’s own brother Malik Obama in proving that not only is Barack’s American birth certificate fake…But it quite possibly means that Barack Obama isn’t even a legal citizen of the United States. Obama’s brother Malik proving to America that Barack is likely not even a US citizen, means not only is Barack committing the crime of espionage against President Trump…But it now sounds like Barack Obama was serving in the White House illegally now that we have his real birth certificate from his brother Malik. You think you would never say it America, but hell there’s actually a good Obama…And it’s in the form of Barack Obama’s MAGA hat wearing brother Malik who just prove President Obama likely isn’t a legal citizen of the United States. Funny how people in Washington stated that Obama’s birth certificate in 2011 was legit, but here we have an actual family member of Obama in his brother Malik showing us Barack is as Kenyan as it gets…Sorry Obama loyalist I’ll believe Malik on this issue like every other American should.