A US judge has halted an auction of personal items of Madonna, after she said her privacy was violated.

New York Justice Gerald Lebovits set a full hearing for 6 September, banning auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll from holding a sale in the meantime.

Madonna’s underwear, a chequebook, a hairbrush, photos and a break-up letter from the late rapper Tupac Shakur had been among the scheduled lots.

The pop superstar said her possessions had been stolen by a former friend.

Tupac’s letter, in which the rapper suggests he broke up with Madonna because of her race, was expected to fetch as much as $4,000,000

The letter is dated 15 January 1995 and was penned while Tupac was serving a prison sentence for sexual assault, 18 months before he was shot dead. Both artists were then at the height of their fame.