Madam Boss Akothee Press Statement about the incidents at Silverstone Airlines

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Goodmorning people . Well I have been offline due to things being different on the ground.

For the past 2 years we @silverstoneairservices have made 10,000 safe landings ,flying 1 million frequent flayers and operating 14 daily flights ! You have never heard any complaints of funny incidents, personally I have my bedroom in the plane, I spend more time at the airports than in my homes, so I will clearly tell you that the two incidents that Silverstoneairservices has hard is not new,it happens if not daily then couple of times on different airlines, ! The only challenge here is SILVERSTONEAIRSERVICES is a famous airline , The celebrity Airline with many fans and haters too! Well we have to admit that safety is key and measures should be taken to ensure that our customers are safe , but let’s go back to history , we have been flying for over 2 YEARS 🤷‍♂️, I personally fly all my family, friends and fans @Silverstoneairservices, do you want to tell me that I am risking my life and the life of my beloved ones? I will be flying the 19 models to malindi together with my own daughter do you think I am risking the life of my children ? Common , please as a frequent flayer, I will tell you that nothing is new, just the other day we had our own Kenyan flight turn back for emergency landing in jkia ,it dint reach Tanzania due to technical issues , have people stopped going to Tanzania? I have been flying over 15 years, I live in between the counties and countries I dont remember the last time I did road 🙆‍♂️, years back before Silverstoneairservices, we have heard tire bursts, engine failures, delayed flights , planes leaving the runway off the grass, but it has never been news since this planes are not famous , personally I have taken a plane from kisumu to Nairobi, only to find ourselves ontop of Indian Ocean, pilot saying nothing, only to be told, ooh, sorry we lost our way and now heading back to Nairobi 🙊🙊, I have been in a plane that left the runway upon take off and ended up on the grass🤷‍♂️, the other day another plane landed on the heads of the wild animals in maasai mara it was not news,the same plane had a tire burst yesterday ,on the runway

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