sande kennedy

I think i am almost believing the narration that Luhya were made to watch (watchmens) other people ascend to power and are experts in cooking votes (cooks) for other to consume! else can you define them?…Luhya people are the second most populous community in Kenya but they cannot speak with one voice,they have no faith in their leaders and neither do they have ego!…the last time they tried was during the masinde muliro era but Matiba brought Shikuku and divided them right at the center…when Moi saw shikuku was popular he took him to state house while Jaramogi oginga Odinga was busy grooming Kijana Wamalwa!….Today Raila is the most popular politician in western only rivaled by Jesus Christ,not because they have no leaders but because being a Maragoli or a Bukusu comes first before anything tangible!…In 2007 Moody Awori was sent packing because of supporting Kibaki,the first vice resident to lose a parliamentary seat…My question is, where is your pride in being a luhya?,who will ever take you serious if all you can think of is being a watchmen and cooks…watu wa mulembe kwani nyinyi ni viazi ya kupimwa?…Right now Wetangula and Mudavadi are speaking with one voice because of a common goal//..”Raila Odinga”..but ask them who will be their flag bearer in 2022 and all will flee in seven ways!…let me give you a free advice,put your house in order,dont support anyone no matter what,forget about being a maragoli or a bukusu..forward one presidential Candidate and give him every single votes in 2022…take all the parliamentary seats in one basket and see the respect other communities will accord you…rather than that,all this dreams of a watchman or a cook ruling this country will fall flat on the face….For heaven sake you have leaders in your midst and please support people that will take you somewhere,people like bonny!…fearless and outright men!…people like Wamalwa,humble and smart…people like Atwoli are useless double standard who eats where food is available..Guys like wetangula who are beaten by their wives are not supposed to say anything before men!….dont forget Mudavadi is a natural coward.