List of Universities in Gambia

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Gambia universities and it’s higher education system is being given a boost through a recently created Ministry for Higher Education and the Gambian government has been building educational infrastructure since taking power.

Gambia Universities Outlook

Before 1999, The Gambia had no university. This meant that students intending on higher education were compelled to go overseas with very few returning back to Gambia. The Gambia is in the middle of their 10-year higher education strategy to build its human resources and strengthen tertiary infrastructure. The aim is to produce the high-level intellectual and technical skills essential to drive socio-economic and technological development.

University of The Gambia
Gambia universities

The The University of the Gambia (UTG) is an institution of higher education located in Sere Kunda and is the only university in the West African country of the Gambia. The UTG is compose of several faculties: School of Agriculture and Environment Sciences; School of Arts and Sciences; School of Business and Public Administration; School of Education; Faculty of Law; School of Engineering and Architecture; School of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences; School of Information Technology and Communications; School of Graduate Studies and Research; UTG Digital Campus; UTG North Bank Campus.

View the University of The Gambia website

Euclid University – Pole Universitaire Euclide
Gambia universities

Euclid University is a specialized intergovernmental organization established in 2008.  It is among the world’s few “international / intergovernmental” universities, and a full member in good standing of the key academic bodies.

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Other institutions

  • Gambia Hotel School (GHS)
  • Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI)
  • International Business College
  • Management Development Institute (MDI)
  • Rural Development Institute (RDI)
  • Suna Institute of Science and Technology (SIST)

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