List of Universities in Gabon


France has had a great influence on the nature and organization of the institutions in Gabon. As in France, the Ministry of Education is responsible for both public and private education throughout the country.

As part of the country’s Higher Education, Science and Technology Strategy, higher education and vocational training support is at the forefront with government’s main priority aimed at boosting the country’s efforts to enhance technical skills in potential growth sectors.

Université Omar Bongo

Omar Bongo University, also known as Université Omar Bongo in French was founded as the National University of Gabon in 1970. The university was renamed in honour of President Omar Bongo in 1978 and is located in Libreville.

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The University of Science & Technology of Masuku

The University of Science and Technology of Masuku is a public institution with a scientific, technical and cultural have legal personality and authority of financial management. The university aims to provide the public and private sector executives in all areas and participate in economic and social development.

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National Institute of Management Sciences (INSG)

National Institute of Management Sciences (INSG) in Gabon aims to provide higher education concerned with tourism and environmental management.

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