List of universities in Ethiopia

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Ethiopia is radically expanding its higher education sector: from two federal universities to 22 in just over a decade and another 10 to open soon. The Ethiopian government sees higher education as an important plank in its strategy for social and economic development.


The huge expansion of student numbers is mainly in new regional universities and a vibrant private system. The focus on quality for Ethiopia’s universities encompasses relevance, especially practical problem-solving skills and student and community orientation.

Ambo University
Ambo University

Ambo University is one of the foremost higher learning institutions with significant contributions in the country’s overall development by building the capacity of development agents through short, medium and long term trainings in various fields. Ambo University has a long standing experience in research and extension on viable technologies including poultry, dairy, horticulture, forestry, etc and is playing a significant role in improving the livelihood of local community.

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Wollo University

Wollo University strives to generate and apply the kind of knowledge that contributes to the renewal and transformation of society. Wollo University strives to accelerate the democratic, social, technical and economic development by offering various disciplines in the sciences, technology, medicine, social science, the humanities and business to provide the knowledge base for continuous and value adding achievements in all sectors of societal development in the country and the region in general.

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Dilla University

Dilla University to date has more than 700 motivated young academic staff and more than 1300 administrative staff who are working vigorously to materialize its mission and reach the horizon of excellence in the world of academics. The University has strong innovative learning methods and didactics.

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Unity University College

Unity University is the first full-fledged privately owned institute of higher learning in Ethiopia with a status granted by the Ministry of Education. It has vision to be the beacon for advanced, modern, practical and useful education in the country. Unity is committed to the development and continuous enhancement of human resources through the introduction of time-tested, relevant and innovation ideas.

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Dire-Dawa University
Dire-Dawa University

Dire-Dawa University is a young public institution which is inline with the government’s policy of expanding quality higher education and ensuring its equitable distribution across the country.

Dire-Dawa University strives to establish itself amongst the world’s top Universities as a center of academic and research excellence in science and technology whereby it provides internationally competitive manpower and technological support to the development programs of the nation.

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Jigjiga University
Jigjiga University

Jigjiga University is one of the higher institutions in Ethiopia which has become operational since March 2007. Jigjiga University is the first and only university in Somali National Regional State, established in the capital, Jigjiga, as the direct outcome of the policy of the government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, to expand higher education.

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Wolaita Sodo University
Admase universty

Admas is presented as a partner of AIESEC in Ethiopia in the international AIESEC platform accessed by more than 60,000 University students. Moreover, AIESEC agreed to provide its members with an integrated development experience comprised of Leadership opportunities, international internships and participations in the global learning environment. By now Admas has become one of the globally renowned Universities.

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Samara University
Samara University

Since its inception in 2008, Samara University is making great leaps towards producing competent and dynamic graduates who fulfill the needs and aspirations of the people. Recalling the past, we have commenced our journey with 1,867 students, 3 faculties and 12 departments. Currently, all our seven colleges went operational totaling 34 departments.

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Rift Valley University College
Rift Valley University College

Rift Valley University College is dedicated to fuel the engines of development, the potential and the working forces of the country. The mission of The Rift Valley College is to enhance and advance the quality of human life through systematically chosen programs of instruction, research and public service. It is fully committed to extend and expand a range of training by continually updating the existing provision.

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International Leadership Institute
International Leadership Institute

Headquartered in Ethiopia, the International Leadership Institute is a major research-intensive higher institution specializing in leadership and management studies. Through its collaborations with US and European universities, ILI has, since its establishment in 2001, been a primary choice of leaders in Eastern African region.

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This is a list of universities and colleges in Ethiopia. It includes both public and private institutions.

Jimma Teachers College
Discovery College
Dare College
Abay Health College
Abbiy Addi College of Teacher Education
Adama Science and Technology University
Addis Ababa Commercial College[1]
Addis Ababa Medical College
Addis Ababa Mulu Wongel Believers’ Church Theological College
Addis Ababa Science and Technology University
Addis Ababa University
Addis College
Addis Continental Institute of Public Health
Adigrat University
Admas University College
Adoa College of Teacher Education
Africa Beza University College
Alage College
Alem Business College
Alfa College of Distance Education
ALKAN University College
Alpha University College
Ambo University
Ayer Tena Health Science College
AME Information Technology College
Arba Minch University
Arbaminch College of Teacher Education
Arsi University
Arte Ethiopia College
Assosa University
Atlanta College
Awasa Adventist College
Awassa College of Teacher Education
Aweliya college
Axum University
Aysaita Teachers Education College
Bahir Dar University
Bale International University
Betelihem Health College Wolayta soddo
Betezta College of Medical Science
Africa Beza University College
Blue nile college
Bule hora University
Catering and Tourism Training Institute
Central Health College
Century University College
City University College
CPU College
Computer Science and Business College
Commercial College of Addis Ababa
Dandii Boruu University College
Debre Berhan University
Debre Birhan Teachers College
Debre Markos University
Debre Tabor University
Defence University College
Dessie Teacher’s Education College
Dessie-Kombolcha University
Dilla University
Dire Dawa University
Dynamic International University College
Eprom Technology College
Ethiopian Catholic University
Ethio-China University
Ethiopian Management Institute (EMI)
Ethiopian Federal Police College
Ethiopian University College
Entoto TVET College
Evangelical Theological College
Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development
Ethiopia Adventist College
Gambella Teachers and Health Science College
GAGE University College
Gewane Agricultural College
Gondar University
Gondar College of Medical Sciences
Gondar College of Teacher Education
Grace College of Business and Computer Science
Graduate School of Telecommunications & Information Technology
Hashenge College
Haramaya University
Hawassa College of Health Sciences
Hawassa University
HiLCoE School of Computer Science and Technology college
Hiwot Health Science College
Hope University College
Horn of Africa College
HZ college
Infonet College
Institute of Land Administration
International Leadership Institute
Infolink College
Jethro Leadership & Management Institute
Jijiga University
Jimma University
Kisama Africa University College
Kotebe University College/Kotebe College of Teacher Education
Kunuz College
Lucy Water Technology College
Kombolcha Institute of Technology
KEA-MED University College
Mars Engineering College
Madawalabu University
Medico Health College
Mekane Yesus Seminary
Mekelle Institute of Technology
Mekelle College of Teacher Education
Mekelle Nursing School
Mekelle University
Meserete Kristos College
Mettu University
Maichew Technical College (MTC)
Microlink College
Mizan Tepi University
Woldia University
National College
Nazareth College of Technical Teachers (NCTTE)
Nekempt (Wollega) University
New Abyssinia College
New Generation University College
New Millennium College
Nile College
Odombia University
Omega Health College
Orbit IT College
Nexus Educational Institute
Pan African College
People to People College
PESC Information Systems College
Poly Institute of Technology
Public Service College of Oromia (PSCO)
Queens’ College
Rift Valley University College
Royal College/Ethiopia
Samara University
School of Fine Arts & Design
School of Medicine Laboratory Technology
Selam Nursing College
Semera Health College
Selihom Health College Wolayta soddo and Dilla
Sheba Info Tech & Business College
Soddo University
SOFTNET Computer Science & Business College
SRI SAI College
St. Mary’s University
St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College
Tech-Zone Engineering & Business College
Textile Engineering
Unity University
Universal Technology College
Urban Planning College (Ecole)
Universal university college of Medicine (UMC)
University of Sheger
Wachemo University (Hosaena)
Washera College
Welkete University
Wolayta sodo University
Wolayta sodo Agricultural College
Wolayta sodo Pan African Christian Surgeons training institute
Wondo Genet College of Forestry
Wollega University
Wollo University
Zion Technology and Business College
Closys College

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