List of Universities in Burundi with their official websites

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Higher education in Burundi is mainly provided by the Université du Burundi. It is largely financed by the State and enjoys administrative and management autonomy. It is administered by a Rector appointed by the President of the Republic for four years.


The Burundian state university “University of Burundi” is recognized by UNESCO. This is the only Public University in the country. Faculties are: Economics, Law, Medicine, Biology, Agronomy, Applied Science, Teaching, Arts (Languages), Geography, and Physical Education and Sports.

At the university level marks are graded out of 20 points. Ten points is a pass although 12 points is an acceptable pass. At the present time, both state and most private universities of Burundi do not offer Masters’ degree except for the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Burundi, and Faculty of business administration and leadership/ management at Light University (Université Lumière).

Université du Burundi
burundi university

Established in 1964, the University of Burundi is the only public university, and currently has more than 13,000 students in eight faculties and three institutes. It provides excellent training based on a quality education, and wants to be a reference university in the sub region and even see across Africa .

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École Normale Supérieure

In order to harmonize the education system in the world, the Ecole Normale Supérieure already entering the BMD (Academic Year 2011-20012) at the same rate as other academic institutions in the sub-region.

  • Department of Languages ​​and Social Sciences
  • Department of Natural Sciences
  • Department of Applied Sciences

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Hope Africa University

Hope Africa University is a Christian Liberal Arts University located in Bujumbura, Burundi.  The university seeks to send into African society Christian scholars and professionals who will be able to effectively apply economic, political, and social principles for the well being of African people!

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The University of Bujumbura

The University of Bujumbura is a private academic institution and was founded in 2000. The University of Bujumbura Light aims to:

  • Provide intellectual, scientific, technical and high moral;
  • Ensure that practical training students can serve immediately after graduation;
  • Educating students to the values ​​of peace, tolerance , integrity and fairness;
  • Ensure the physical and cultural development of students.

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University of Lake Tanganyika
Université du lac TANGANYIKA

The University of Lake Tanganyika aim to achieve:

  • The formation of macro-economic management and high-level policies that have mastered the economic and political systems and their implications on the social level;
  • The promotion of scientific research focused on the priority of developing and disseminating the results;
  • The promotion of inter-university cooperation through trade publications for students and scientific personnel;
  • The response to the request of the job market and insurance to training and employment.

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University of Mwaro
University of Mwaro

The University of Mwaro is a higher education institution based in Kibumbu, Province Mwaro 76 km from Bujumbura. The University of Mwaro has set the overall objective of: Training scientifically and professionally competent staff for Burundi and internationally competitive.

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Universities in Burundi

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