List of top Pakistani newspapers

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Following is a list of newspapers in Pakistan. List of top Pakistani newspapers, Pakistani news sites in English as well as local news media from Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Balochistan.

Pahenji Akhbar (Sindhi پيهنجي اخبار )SindhiFirst ever Complete Digital Sindhi Newspaper, The beginning of an entire new era of NEWS! A unique step of  Sindhi journalism into the cyber world!
Daily Ibrat (عبرت)SindhiInternational and regional news
Daily Jang[4]
(Urdu:جنگ اخبار)
UrduSecond-oldest continuously published Urdu language newspaper in Pakistan
Daily Nawa-i-Waqt[4]UrduOldest continuously published Urdu language newspaper in Pakistan
Daily The PatriotEnglish
(Urdu:پاکستان انفو)
EnglishTurkishPersianFirst multilingual online newspaper of Pakistan in regional languages
(Urdu: خبریں)
Daily Express
UrduInternational and regional news
Daily Global News
( گلوبل نیوز )
Urdu / EnglishInternational and regional news
(ٹو ایم)
Urdu/EnglishInternational and regional news
Daily Nai BaatUrduCurrent/political
Daily 24 GhantayUrduFounded by Naeem Hashmi
Daily Sarhad(سرحد)Urdu
Business RecorderEnglishPakistan’s first financial newspaper
Daily TimesEnglish
Dawn[6]EnglishFounded by Muhammad Ali Jinnah
The Friday Times[6]EnglishWeekly newspaper
Punjab Post (پنجاب پوسٹ)UrduWeekly (ہفت روزہ)
The Frontier PostEnglish
The Nation[6]English
The News InternationalEnglish
Pakistan ObserverEnglish
The PostEnglishDefunct
Khalsa Akhbar LahorePunjabiDefunct
The Regional Times of SindhEnglish
The StarEnglishDawn Group’s evening newspaper; now defunct
The StatesmanEnglish
Pakistan TodayEnglish
Daily PakistanUrdu
The Express TribuneEnglish
Daily Dunya[7]Urdu
Daily Nizaam[4]
(روزنامہ نظام)
Authentic continuously published Urdu language newspaper in Pakistan
Wahdat (Pashto: وحدت‎)Pashto
Khabraan (Punjabi: خبراں)Punjabi
Lokai (Punjabi: لوکائی)Punjabi
Bhulekha (Punjabi: بھلیکھا)Punjabi
Daily Hilal-e-Pakistan (Sindhi: هلال پاڪستان‎)Sindhi
Kawish (Sindhi: ڪاوش‎)[7]Sindhi
Daily Koshish (Sindhi: ڪوشش‎)Sindhi
Daily Mehran (Sindhi: مهراڻ‎)Sindhi
Daily Sach (Sindhi: سچ‎)Sindhi
Daily 92 (Urdu: باخبر‎)Urdu
Daily Safeer (Sindhi: سفیر‎)Sindhi
Daily Sindh (Sindhi: سنڌ‎)Sindhi
Daily Sindu (Sindhi: سنڌو‎)Sindhi
Daily Basharat (Urdu: روزنامہ بشارت)[4]Urdu
Manend Aaina مانندآئینہUrduPopular in KP and Malakand
Tus TaunsaUrdu/SarikeiPopular in Tehsil Taunsa Sharif5
Qum NewsUrduFounded by Rasheed Azad
The Youth International (Urdu: دی یوتھ انٹرنیشنل)EnglishInternational and Regional NewspaperFounded by Umair Ahmad Under Youth Group Limited
WeeklyLocal/First Community Newspaper
Akhbare SialkotUrduLocal+Divisional
The DayspringEnglishYouth Centric Newspaper Founded by Asim Nawaz Abbasi
Swabi TimesUrduVoice of Swabi, Local news of Swabi
Christian Voice[8]EnglishSecond oldest Catholic publication in Pakistan
Zartash Pakistan[9]EnglishIt’s all about Pakistan
  • DawnIt is one of the most widely circulated newspapers in Pakistan.
  • ExpressLeading Urdu newspaper in Pakistan.
  • Express TribuneLeading daily English-language newspaper in Pakistan.
  • Daily Pakistan
  • The NewsNews International is a leading English-language newspaper in Pakistan. The newspaper owned by Jang Group of Newspapers.
  • Pakistan TodayDaily newspaper based in Lahore, Pakistan.
  • NationNation is an English-language newspaper published in Lahore, Pakistan. The newspaper owned by Nawa-i-Waqt Group.
  • Dunya
  • Ummat

List of top Pakistani newspapers

English newspapers in Pakistan

Sindhi newspapers – List of top Pakistani newspapers

Balochistan newspapers

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa newspapers

Punjab newspapers – List of top Pakistani newspapers

Islamabad newspapers

Sindh newspapers

Azad Kashmir newspapers

Pakistani news sites and radio channels

Besides Pakistani news sites some of the international news media also listed below as they are very popular in pakistan.

Pakistani news agencies and press council

List of Urdu newspapers in Pakistan

Following is a list of Urdu newspapers, Urdu news sites, and international Urdu news media.

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