List of Syrian newspapers and news sites in Arabic and English

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Newspapers were first published in Syria during the Ottoman era.[1] The first newspaper published in the country was Hadiqat al-Akhbar, published in 1857 by Khalil Al Khuri.[2] The number of the newspapers increased when the country was under French mandate.[1] List of Syrian newspapers

The below is a list of newspapers in Syria.

List of Syrian newspapers and news sites in Arabic and English covering sports, weather, politics, events, jobs, education, health, and business.

National political newspapers

Syrian newspapers and news sites

Political parties’ newspapers

Local newspapers

Specialist newspapers

Restricted circulation newspapers

Defunct newspapers

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  • Enab Baladi, Arabic and English Newspaper & Online News Website
  • Ad Domari, satirical weekly, lasted for 104 issues only, as it was closed by the authorities in July 2003.[3]
  • Al Alam, independent daily (1946–1950), issued by Al-Alam publishing house, which was owned by Izzat Husrieh
  • Al Qabas (Damascus), owned by Najeeb Al Rayes
  • Nidal ash-Shaab, issued irregularly, the official newspaper of the Syrian Communist Party until 2001; the public sale of the newspaper was prohibited by the Syrian government, and it was delivered to party members only
  • Syria Times, English-language official daily

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