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LIST OF sites to watch or download movies for free

Either it’s weekend or even weekdays, watching a movie can help you maintain your hormones and get you out of the stress. But probably no one likes to leave the comfort of a couch or bed to go to the cinema to watch movies. Finding free websites is a difficult task with full of risks ( trust me! )

Most of the times, Google lands you on unsafe movie download sites. Therefore it is necessary to have the knowledge of websites that allow you to download the free movie without risking your security and privacy.

Apart from that, I’d recommend you to try Torrent search sites/engines (list at the end of this article) to find your desired movie rather movie sites to download them. In case you’re a mobile user you can then use our hand-crafted list of Best Free Movie AppsBest Free Movie Download Websites 2019

We have curated the best movie download sites for you. These websites are legal (not all) and provide you with free movies with no-strings-attached.

Filmy Anju


One of the newer players in town comes with the name, while the name does sound tacky and cheesy at best, the cause behind this project is actually good as the project was created in response to the Internet Censorship associated with Copyright Directives, Article 13, and #SaveYourInternet. These issues have been talked about in detail by a lot of people for some time now and the people who want freedom on the internet are doing their best to make things easier for everyone else.

The good thing about P2PGuru is that it is completely ad-free and free to use, and most importantly, despite being relatively new, it houses 76,080 movies and 6,000 TV shows. Keep in mind that not only will they be working on creating the torrent database comprised of all other relevant information about every movie and show (including IMDB rankings) that will make you find everything that you had to look for on multiple sites before on one single site, but they will also be creating and introducing new features like tailored Watchlist, Notify-Me buttonQuality Index Guru Ratings that will make your experience of browsing content the internet much simpler, secure, and streamlined.

Official Website


If you like Bollywood movies or Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi then this is the best website for you to visit. This is among the best free online movie sites. They offer Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi Dubbed and Pakistani movies.This movie downloader website is ad-supported which can be annoying sometimes. So, you may want to install Adblocker on your browser to watch movies online. This website doesn’t host anything on their website. It uses third-party video hosting services like PutlockerVideoload and others. You can subscribe to their newsletter to get notified about the latest movies to more

Official Website

AZMovie is one of the best free movie streaming sites which allows to watch movies in HD quality and doesn’t require you to register on their website. Most of the movies are available in 1080p or full HD quality.

All the movies are properly organized by genre, year and an efficient search filter. There are three servers to choose from means if one doesn’t work, you have two backup servers to watch the same movie.

The best thing about AZMovie which make them differ from other movies sites, it has only HD movies collection, you won’t find any CAM version.

As usual, we will recommend our readers to use Adblocker while downloading movies online.

Official Website

Sony Crackle

This website is operated by Sony Entertainment and there are tonnes of free online movies to watch from. You can watch uncut free online movies, original programming, as well as free TV shows. This online movie service was originally called Grouper but now Sony Crackle.This is a wonderful website to free streaming movies in genres like Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Fandom, Romance, Sports, Thriller, Crime, Anime, and Horror. After signing up on the website, you just need to watch a few commercials and ads before watching the movie. Registering to the website is not a compulsion but saves a lot of time for your second. Like, you don’t have to enter your birthday every time. Signing up on this movies download website will also allow you to create your own playlists. Sony Crackle apps are also available for the PS3, Xbox 360, Roku, Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player, Google TV, Samsung Blu-Ray Player and many other TV Services. Sony Crackle services are also limited to certain regions of the more

Official Website

Popcorn Flix

This website is operated by Screen Media Ventures. Popcorn Flix allows you to stream and download movies from your repository of hundreds of movies. This website is very easy to use and requires no signup.You can either search your favourite movies which you want to stream or browse their the genre. This includes Romance, Adventure, Horror, Science Fiction, War, Documentaries and others. Featured movies include Zodiac, Tactical Force, Day Light, One Way, Song One Far Cry and others. You can sort those films by most popular or by title. There’s also a Most Popular and New Arrivals link in the menu. You can use these buttons to find what other people are watching or what they have added new to their website. This website runs ads but not very annoying. You will need to disable Your ad-blocker before watching or downloading movies from this website. Access to this website is restricted to a few regions due to copyright issues. You might need any VPN service to access this more

Official Website

Tubi TV

This website is the most favourite alternative of movies lover to watch and download movies for free. With seven thousand plus titles of Movies and TV series, you will definitely love this website. All of you can watch for free without even registering if you don’t want to.New stuff is added on weekly basis. This means you should expect new content every weekend. Apps for this website is available for Android, iOS, Amazon, Roku, Smart TVs and others. There are thirty-five different categories that help you browse your favourite movie and narrow down your search results. There is even a category called Not on Netflix which includes the movies and TV series that are not available on Netflix but you can watch here for free. Access to this website is only not available in Europe due to recent GDPR regulations. But company’s press release said that they are working on the compliance of GDPR to start their services in EU also. This website displays ads which work as a subscription to watch movies online. You might need to turn off your ad-blocker to watch movies on this more

Official Website


This is the website where you can expect the movie to come right after the first cinema release. They provide the cam version to the latest movies but upload the HD version as well as soon as the movie becomes available anywhere online.

You can watch your favourite movie by browsing through the genre or search as well. This website also features top-rated TV series as well including Game of Thrones, Sherlock Holmes, House of Cards and many others. You can create your free account on this website as well to keep yourself updated and get movie recommendations as well.

Official Website

Pluto TV

Pluto Tv is an online Live TV streaming service that is quite different from its competitors. Why? Because it allows you to watch hundreds of TV Channels for free. This includes News, Sports, Movies, Documentaries and others. If you are considering to cut the cord of your cable and save some money then it is the right option for you. The user interface of this website is very similar to the typical TV. They have tried their best to mimic and TV user interface. You can scroll through the list of TV Channels and see what is being offered currently.They have their own Movies Dedicated TV channels as well that stream best movies online for free. Some of the content on this website is only for the US users but you also have the option to use Virtual Private Network software to access the content. If you have already subscribed to some online TV Streaming service, you will still find Pluto TV worth visiting. There Science and News channels include Bloomberg, Cheddar, CNBC, MSNBC, CBSN, Science TV, Docu TV, Xive TV, and even a NASA live stream. If you are worried that you need a compatible device to watch the online movie on this website then you don’t have to worry. If you can read this article then you can also watch movies for free on Pluto TV. Pluto TV can work on your browser quite well. If you are interested to view this on your TV, it is compatible with Google Chromecast, Amazon TV Stick and Roku TV. One thing that you will miss on the browser is the on-Demand programmes. But you can definitely have this feature on Smart TVs and connected devices. Go and give a try to this amazing movie download more

Official Website


Vudu is a huge catalogue of Movies and TV Shows. Actually its DVD rent and purchase service owned by the Walmart. This website allows you to watch selected movies online for free. This does require signing up on the website. You will be presented with two options. Either you can purchase the movie or watch it for free with ads.Ads aren’t that annoying, unlike other websites. So you can happily opt for watching the movie with ads. User Interface of this website is quite clean and easy to use. You can browse the catalogue of the movies without registering but watching the movie does require signing up for the website. You can do this wither using your email or Facebook or even Walmart account if you have one. Their top genres include Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction, Romance, Wars and documentaries. The featured movie that you can watch for free include The Karate Kid Collection, Matrix, Lawless, Escape Planet earth, Baby Geniuses and many other titles that you can watch for free. After signing up on this website, you can customize your favourite collection and may also get recommendations based on your likes and recent movies more

Official Website


This website features thousands of high-Quality films and TV shows in wonderfully organized genres. All of these movies are absolutely free to watch without any prior registration if you don’t wish to. Content is one hundred per cent legitimate and free of piracy.

They have organized the movies in Explore the World, Refugee and Immigrant Stories, Before They Were Stars, History Lessons, Climate Change & The Environment, Celebrity Pride, Goal, Military & The Veteran Family. This kind of listings featuring movies to download available nowhere else.Once you start watching fee movies on SnagFilms, it starts to show you recommendations on your previous movies. This is a great new way to explore movies in your favourite genre. Unlike many other online movies website, this website allows watching movies in high definition 720 or 1080 Pixels. Which is Great. Creating a free account with SnagFilms comes with a benefit to adding movies in the queue to watch them later. Buffering is also fine on this website if you are watching the movie in 480P. High resolutions require the good Internet connection. The player of this online streaming movies website allows you to share the direct link to the movie with your friends on Facebook and more

Official Website

The Internet Archive

The world of the Internet would be very different without this beautiful website. This is the website which powers the Way Back Machine through which you can see how Yahoo, Google and Facebook in their embryonic stages. With their new objective to archive movies and TV Shows as well. They have launched a new section of “Movies “where you can search and download movies for free.Their archive included six thousand plus titles. All of these movies readily available to download are organized as per their genre. To help you download movies free, the website also provides a link to the torrent file. So don’t have to worry to download large files of movies as well. Along with English, movies are available in French, German, Portuguese and many other languages. Movies dating back to 1936 when Charlie Chaplin Launched Modern Things. Some of the featured titles include Sex Madness, Night of the Living Dead, The Fast and The Furious, Charlie Chaplin Festival, Return of the Kanfu Dragon, House on Haunted Hill, Sita Sings of the blue and many others. You should immediately go to this website to download movies free. This website also provides the feature to add movies in their archive. So if you have one available, please upload it. They also have a dedicated forum for this where you can discuss things only after registering as a user of their more

Official Website


This is like the Google of the latest Movies and TV Shows. The homepage of this website beautifully presents you with a search bar where you are asked to search for your favourite movie to TV series you want to watch. The results page returns with the query you searched for and some other recommendations as well.

This website allows you to search for movies in three different ways. You can select as per country or region. You can also search by genres just like others. Most amazing, unlike others, is that you can also search movies by top IMDB rating as well. This website also allows you to request for the movies that aren’t available in their repository.

Official Website


As per users’ rating, IOMovies is best top ranked website to download movies for free. This website features all the latest movies available.  Along with the movies, you can also watch the famous TV Series on this website as well. This includes some famous titles like Suits, Trust, Forgotten and many others. This website doesn’t store any data on their own website and this third-party servers and video hosting services to do that.Some of them may not work sometimes due to DMCA notices but they fix it as soon as it gets reported. Movies here are very well organized in different genres. This includes Action, Adventure, War, Documentaries, Comedy and others. This website also allows registering on it. After registering on this website, you can make your own watchlist and many others feature as well. IOMovies is a wonderful movie downloader more

Official Website

Roku Channel

Roku was previously available for TV only but now you can stream both and paid movies on their website as well. The Roku channel features many movies and TV shows as well. This is a nice addition to your list of websites for online movies. Their content is completely legal and frequently updated as well.Roku Channel works without the hardware. You can simply sign up on their website and start watching the movies online without worrying about the illegality of the content. Latest August 2018 Movies and TV shows include The Matrix (1999), The Matrix Reloaded (2003), The Matrix Revolutions (2003), 50 First Dates (2004), A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010), Bewitched (TV Series, 1964), Freedom Writers (2007), Hell’s Kitchen (TV Series, 2005), The Legend Of Bagger Vance (2000) and others. You will find hundreds of other movies and TV Series’ on this website. The services of this website for online movies download is limited to a few regions only. But you can always use VPN to access this website and watch free online movies. Overall Roku Channel is one of the best free movie more

Official Website

Yahoo View

Never knew you can watch movies on Yahoo? Well, you are not alone. But Yahoo has a wonderful service named Yahoo View which allows you to watch free online movies. Movies are organised in their genre including Animated, Horror, Science Fiction, Romance, War, Documentaries and others. You can also watch trailers of movies and TV Shows on this website.Before I tell you further about this movies website. You must know that most of the content on this website is only accessible in the United States of America territory so keep your Virtual Private Network (VPN) software ready. Yahoo View hosts these movies from other third-party services including Hulu, Fox and ABC. Movies on this website are only for few time, sometimes. Under the movie player, you can see how many days are remaining until this movie is available for you. This website runs ads to generate their review. Some of the featured TV Series titles include Gotham, Shark Tank, Modern Family and Designated Survivor. Featured movies titles include Opposite Sex, Monkey King, Stray Bullets, Arthur Newman, Evil Bong 777, As Evil as Dead and many others that you can watch for more

Official Website

Retrovision Classic Movies

This is a wonderful website to watch and download free movies. This website archives the Classic movies available in the Public domain. If you are in love with classic movies. This is the right website for you to watch them. The user interface of this website is quite simple and easy to use. When you open this website, you will see the recently added movies as the news feed or latest posts.This website has organized their movies in the form of their respective Genre which includes Romance, Adventure, Horror, Science Fiction, War, Documentaries and others. This is on the right sidebar of the website. If you want to see all the movies, you can just simply click on all movies. Retrovision also have a dedicated Android application for your smartphones known as Classic UHF App. You can download this free app from the Google Play App store and enjoy movies on your smartphone also. You can also use the search feature of this website to download movies by searching the favourite titles. They have a newsletter also where you can subscribe. After that, you will be notified about the movies to watch and download directly by the email. This will help you schedule the movies you want to watch on the more

Official Website


The best about this website is its feature-rich user interface. All of the functionalities you need to directly move to your favourite movie are stacked in the sidebars and navigation bar. The homepage shows you the recommended and the latest movies which can be helpful if you are not sure what to watch.

Left sidebar of the website features all the top genres which you can use to search for the movie. Right bar shows the years where you can select a particular year in which movie is released to watch from. Movies are hosted on third-party servers and website is ad-supported.

Official Website

Classic Cinema Online

This is one of the best free online websites to watch classic movies of the golden age. This website features thousands of movies that you can watch or download. Classic Cinema Online has a variety of movie genres including Comedy, Documentary, Music, Sci-Fi, Western, Family, and Holiday. This website also has silent movies in your archive, if you wish to go back to history.The silent film genre at Classic Cinema Online is similar, with Mystery, Thriller, Drama, Westerns, Horror/Sci-Fi, Action/Adventure, and Romance movies. The interface of this website is very user-friendly which makes finding the right movie very easy for you. New movies are added on the monthly basis to provide the users with fresh content to watch from. Watching the movie doesn’t require any registration. Even they don’t have one. Some of the movies are hosted on third-party servers including Youtube. Due to these third-party servers, few of the links sometimes don’t work. Featured movies download on this website include Love Story, Charade, Stagecoach, Holiday Inn, Change of Habit, Penny Serenade, and many more

Official Website

Open Culture

Open Culture is the home of movies, audiobooks and courses. You can Watch 1,150 movies free online. Includes classics, indies, film noir, documentaries and other films, created by some of our greatest actors, actresses and directors. This website has 6 main sections: Movies, Online courses, Language lessons, e-Books, Textbooks, Audiobooks. Movies section consists of an excellent collection.You can watch most of your favourite Oscar-winning movies on this website for free. This movies website doesn’t host the content by themselves. They usually provide the third-party links to movies such as YouTube and others. There is no need to register on this website to watch and download movies for free. Open Culture on ads thus requires to close your ads blocker to access the website. But you can always skip that option and move to watch the movie. The user-interface of this website is quite easy and everything is stacked the navigation bar and sidebars of the website. Open culture also accepts donations to sustain their website and provides you with the movies and a lot of other more

Official Website

Movies Found Online

Movies Found Online curates movies, independent films, TV shows, and stand-up comedy video. You can short films, documentaries and viral videos on this website. Popular genres include Action, Drama, Adventure, Horror and Science Fiction. This website also uses third-party video hosting services primarily the YouTube.Navigating this website is quite easy. You can search for the movie you want to watch using the search box. You can also use the navigation bar and movie through the different genre. This website also shows the popular genres which can help you to explore the latest likings of the people. Newest content is always displayed on the homepage. Featured TV Series include the Derren Brown, The Nerd Writer, Automata and SlutEver. This website sustains their business using the ads which aren’t always good. You will be also displayed with the pop-up ads which are usually annoying. You might want to use the ad-blocker extension on your browser before going to this website. This will not block the access to this more

Official Website

Public Domain Torrents

This might be the only safe to use torrent website that I might know. This website hosts thousands of Public domain and movies on their website with the company’s permission. You can download movies using BitTorrent software. Their genre includes Adventure, Animation, Science Fiction, Comedy, B-Movies, Mystery, War, Documentary, Romance, Drama and others.They also rank the top twenty seeded websites which provide the quick way to download the most loved movies. You can either click on show all movies where they will be shown alphabetically and browse through the genres as well. This website has a public forum as well where you can discuss all your favourite movies and interact with the administrator of the website as well to report any issues and problems with the torrent of any movie that you want to download. This website allows you to download the movie in any format you wish to. You can do this with any torrent client you want including the BitTorrent or Free Download Manager. To sustain their business, this website allows you to purchase the DVD of the website if you wish to. But now as no one uses the DVD these days, they also accept the donations. Please consider donating this amazing torrent movies website of you are generous enough. These are the only legal movies website online, as per my more

Official Website


YouTube is the biggest video sharing community hosts millions of complete movies as well. You don’t just find food and cat videos on YouTube, it can be your next stop to download the movie.

Finding the right full movie on YouTube is a bit difficult. A lot of channels has uploaded trailers or scenes with clickbait titles. So, it’s better to subscribe to a few verified channels of Movie Production companies where you can find full movies.

There is a lot of Entertainment content that is YouTube original and you can watch it for free without paying a penny. YouTube doesn’t allow you to download the videos directly. Wondering how to download movies from YouTube? There are several hundred software available online that allows you to download movies from YouTube. You can even use Internet Download Manager or Free Download Manager to download movies for you or simply try online YouTube downloaders.

Official Website


Just like YouTube, You might be also unaware of the fact that Vimeo also allows you to download and stream movies. They have the collection of tonnes of free to watch movies. Their top genres include the action, Animation, Comedy and Wars. You can also watch amazing documentaries on this website for free.

You can also movies and short films on this website in amazing 360 technology with 40K Ultra HD. They also have movies On-Demand section where you can buy your latest movies for the watch. THeir Stock videos section features the videos that you can use both free and paid for your personal and commercial projects.

Some of the movies available on Vimeo includes Indie Game, The Jungle Book, The Journey of Free Spirit, Res9ident Evil: The last Chapter, Blue Balls and many other great movies. All of these movies you can watch for free without paying anything to them. You also don’t have to register on this website. But registering will allow you some of the great features their users enjoy. You can like and comment on videos. Users can also make playlists. Most noteworthy is, you can upload videos on it for free. You can use download managers or online Vimeo downloaders.

Official Website


Who doesn’t know Netflix? Service started as DVD rental but then ended up as the best Online movie streaming service around the globe. Now it competitors like Blockbuster are licking the dust. Netflix does allow you to watch movie and TV Shows for a whole month without paying anything. For this, you just have to sign up for a plan. You won’t be charged for your first trial month period.You can enjoy a whole range of movies from all genres including Action, Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction and others. Because Netflix produces its original series as well, you can also enjoy that one on your free one month trial period as well. This includes famous series like Narcos, House of Cards, Lucifer and others. The content offered to the trial users is the same as the paid subscribers so you can at least enjoy movies for a whole month. Some of the content might not be available for you in High Definition or Ultra High Definition. The User Interface of this website is quite easy. You can enjoy Netflix on your browsers or smartphones as well. This includes Adnoid and iOS apps as well. Netflix is also available on the Smart TVs as well. The premium packages offered by the Netflix are also very reasonable. You can always choose what suits best for you. The premium packages start from the 9 dollars and go up to 14 more

Official Website

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is the largest competitor of Netflix and it also produces its own original series just like the other one. You can enjoy movies online on Amazon Prime Video also. Just like Netflix, it gives you the free access to all the video content for a free trial period time of one month. There are tonnes of movies to watch from on Amazon. Amazon Prime Video allows you to watch videos on 3 devices at a time. Applications of this service are available for all platforms including Android, iOS, Smart TVs and others.Good news for students is that, they can enjoy the trial period of six months instead of 1 month. Yes, you can enjoy movies and TV Series on Amazon Prime Video for a half year. You don’t have to pay anything for this whole time. User can also watch free offline movies on this service. You just have to download the title with in-built movie download feature in the app for iPad, iPhone or other supported smartphones. This website features tonnes of genres including Action, Adventure, Comedy and Amazon Original to choose from. All of it for free. All the applications are very user-friendly and provide you with the best experience to watch more

Official Website


Hulu is another bigwig of Online Movie Streaming niche. Most of its services are restricted to certain regions primarily the United States of America. But you can always enjoy using Virtual Private Networks software. Hulu provides you first one month free trial period in which you can enjoy unlimited movies online.

Almost all your favorite shows and movies are available online to watch. You can either choose from the genres and use their search movie feature. Hulu is available for smartphones including Android, iOS and smart TVs as well.

Official WebsiteOur Recommendation For Downloading Free Movies Online

There are hundreds of movie download sites available on the Internet. Visiting each site to search movies is very much time taking. When authorities took down The Pirate Bay and KickAss torrents, a new termed evolved in the torrent industry as the torrent search engines.

It works simply as Google does ( theoretically). It doesn’t host any data but crawls and searches the movie torrents on other websites hosting these torrents as per your query. This shrinks the list of your favorite movie torrent website to few torrent search sites.

Search EngineBest Known For
P2PGuruMovies, TV Series, Games, eBooks
Torrentz2Incredibly capable search engine; Currently Indexes more than 60 million torrents.
Torrents.MeParallel Search in 600+ Torrent Websites
XTORXVery simple UI; Fast and accurate; No advertisements.
ToorgleTorrent Search in over 450+ torrents websites at the same time.
The Pirate BayBig Boss of Torrents
RARBGMost Diverse Torrent Repository
1337xOne of the largest engine for movies, games, TV series and more
ExtraTorrentLargest Torrent Community
YTS.AGMovies Exclusive
AIO SearchGoogle of Torrent Stuff
BTDBSimple and effective; Clean design; Fast search.
TorrentHoundsMost resilient Torrent Community
Lime TorrentsRedesigned and Improved Features
Katcr.coClone of Original KAT Torrents
ISO HuntNew team comes with Advanced Features
ZooqleMovies Search only
SnowflVery fast; Easy to use; Custom filtering included.
TorrentSeekerMinimal UI, Customized search results; Wide range.
VeoblePowered by Google custom search; Tons of filtering options; All popular sources covered.
Academic ResearchersOnly for Researchers

Security and Privacy Concerns

To watch movies online, most of the people search for the name of the movie on Google. The list presented to you Google contains 90% spam and illegal websites.

Problem with such websites is not only that you are watching the pirated version of the movie but few others also. Because of such websites are hosting illegal and pirated movies, they can’t opt for reputed advertisement networks. To sustain the website and earn the profit from websites. These websites use Pop-up annoying ads.

Along with that, they sometimes also hosts malware in the form crypto malware and even ransomware. You don’t only risk the safety and security of your computer but can also be stepping stone in some bigger crimes.

If not that, these websites ask you to register to download movies free. This can be in the form of surveys as well. This can leads you to the identity theft. Owners of such websites sell your credentials to the black market which are later used by cyber criminals for all ill means.

Signing up for such websites also makes your email to third-class email marketing campaigns. Even spammers as well. Soon you will be receiving emails from fake dating websites and giveaways.

All that happened for what? You just tried to watch your favourite movie on movie download website.

Final Words On Free Movie Sites

Above, we have listed the best and safe best free movie websites that allow to watch and download the movie. On the Internet, nothing comes for free. Some services use legal ways to offer free services and earn a reasonable income. Others don’t. The movie download sites list we have provided allows you to watch and download movie without any piracy and unsafe practices.Recommended Guides

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