List of schools in North Central Province, Sri Lanka

According to a 2013 report by the Ministry of Education, there are 9,931 government schools offering free education in Sri Lanka, as well as 98 recognized private schoolsmany of which are fee-based international schoolsSri Lanka also has 560 “Pirivenas,” or Buddhist centers that mainly focus on monastic studies

Anuradhapura District

Private Schools

Sussex College Anuradhapura

Kannangara Central Colleges

Central College (Anuradhapura)Harischandra Mawatha, Anuradhapura
Central College (Kekirawa)Talawa Road, Kekirawa

National schools

AnuradhapuraSwarnapali Balika MahaVidyalaya
ThambuttegamaEppawala Sri Siddhartha Central College
MedawachchiyaMaithripala Senanayake Central College
AnuradhapuraZahira Maha Vidyalaya
AnuradhapuraVivekananda Tamil Maha Vidyalaya

International schools

Lyceum International School128, New Kandy Road, Anuradhapura

Provincial schools

Kebithigollewa Central CollegeKebithigollewa
Siddhartha Maha VidyalayaMaha Vilachchiya
Habarana Maha VidyalayaHabarana
Ruwanweli Madya Maha VidyalayaHorowpotana
Buddhangala Madya Maha VidyalayaPadaviya
Galkiriyagama Madya Maha VidyalayaGalkiriyagama
Saliyamala Maha VidyalayaPemaduwa
Kaluwila Sena Maha VidyalayaNachchaduwa
Vidyadarsha Maha VidyalayaNochchiyagama
St. Joshep’s Maha VidyalayaAnuradhapura
Walisinghe Harischandra Maha VidyalayaAnuradhapura
Niwaththaka Chathiya Maha VidyalayaAnuradhapura
Rambewa Maha VidyalayaAnuradhapura
Wanithammannawa Dipani Maha VidyalayaAnuradhapura
Ganthiriyagama Mahinda Maha VidyalayaIpalogama
Thibbtuwewa Maha VidyalayaKekirawa
Bastian Silva CollegeKekirawa
Galenbindunuwewa Madya Maha VidyalayaGalenbindunuwewa
Kahatagasdigiliya Madya Maha VidyalayaKahatagasdigiliya
Mihintale Maha VidyalayaMihintale
Ruwanwali Madya Maha VidyalayaHorowpotana
Mahasen (Nawodya) Maha VidyalayaPadaviya
Galnewa Madya Maha VidyalayaGalnewa
Rajanganaya Tract 05 Navodya Maha VidyalayaRajanganaya
Rajanganaya 13/14 Mahasen Maha VidyalayaRajanganaya
Talawa Maha VidyalayaTalawa
Thabuththegama Madya Maha VidyalayaTambuttegama
D.S Senanayaka Model Primary schoolAnuradhapura32503088
Mahinda Model Primary SchoolAnuradhapura32111074
Thambuththegama Primary SchoolTambutthegama31620050
Bandaranayaka Model Primary SchoolNochchiyagama31353038
Galnewa Primary SchoolGalnewa31118039
Dumriya Nagara VidyalayaKekirawa31067034
TypeNumber of Schools

Private schools

  • Cambridge International School

Polonnaruwa District

National schools

  • Polonnaruwa Royal Central College
  • Medirigiriya National School
  • Minneriya national college
  • Ananda balika national college
  • Polonnaruwa muslim central college (NATIONAL SCHOOL)

Provincial schools

  • Gal Amuna Maha Vidyalaya
  • Hingurakdamana Maha Vidyalaya
  • Kaduruwela Nagara Maha Vidyalaya
  • Lankapura Maha Vidyalaya
  • Manampitiya Sinhala Maha Vidyalaya
  • Palugasdamana Maha Vidyalaya
  • Sewamuktha Maha Vidyalaya
  • Sewanapitiya Maha Vidyalaya
  • Sungavila Muslim Maha Vidyalayam, Sungavila
  • Thopawewa Maha Vidyalaya
  • Bakamuna Mahasen Madya Maha Vidyalaya
  • Vijitha Central College
  • Welikanda Maha Vidyalaya
  • Vilayaya Madya Maha Vidyalaya
  • Girithalegama Maha Vidyalaya
  • Nugagahadamana Muslim Kanishta Vidyalaya.
  • Nelliyagama Muslim Maha Vidyalaya
  • Rajarata Vidyalaya
  • Divulankadawala Madya Maha Vidyalaya

+ Nelumwewa Maha Vidyalaya + Galthalawa Kanishta Vidyalaya

  • Minneriya primary school
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