List of schools and universities in Sudan Following is a list of schools located in the African country of Sudan

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Primary and secondary schools

Khartoum State

Primary and secondary schools in Khartoum State include:

Garden City

Primary and biclocary schools in the city of Garden City include:


Primary and secondary schools in the city of Omdurman include:


Primary and secondary schools in the city of Khartoum include:

  • ABC Language School
  • Almathaba High School
  • Almotamar High School
  • Alshaikh Mustafa AlAmin High School
  • Alshaikh Yousef AlDigair High School
  • Asmaa Abd Alraheem Modle Secondary School for Girls
  • Asmaa Abd Alraheem Secondary School for Girls
  • Bashir Mohamed Said High School
  • Cambridge International Schools
  • Diddy Antoun Memorial School
  • Future Leaders International Schools
  • General Sciences English School
  • Gordon Memorial College – defunct primary and secondary school; in 1951, tertiary school merged into Kitchener School of Medicine
  • Hantoob High School
  • Holm English Medium School (HEMS)
  • Irtiqa School Khartoum Bahri
  • Ivory Private Schools
  • Khartoum American School
  • Khartoum Diplomatic School
  • Khartoum International Community School
  • Khartoum North High School
  • Kibeida International Schools

Maali private secondary schools Nile private secondary schools Ola private secondary schools

  • New Horizon International School
  • New Khartoum High Secondary School
  • Nova International School
  • Progress International School
  • Qabas International Schools
  • Riad English School
  • Saudia International School
  • SOS Umbada Primary School
  • Sudanese Turkish Schools
  • Suliman Hussein Academy
  • Unity High School
  • Wadi Saydna High School

Red Sea State

Primary and secondary schools in Red Sea State

Port Sudan City

Primary and secondary schools in the city of Port Sudan

List of universities in Sudan

This is a list of universities in Sudan.

Institution  Location  Ownership  
Academy of Engineering SciencesKhartoumPrivate
Ahfad University for WomenOmdurmanPrivate
Al Fashir UniversityEl FasherPublic
AlMughtaribeen UniversityKhartoumPrivate
Al-Neelain UniversityKhartoum and other locationsPublic
Al Zaiem Alazhari UniversityKhartoumPublic
Bayan College for Science & TechnologyKhartoumPrivate
Blue Nile UniversityAd-DamazeenPublic
Canadian Sudanese CollegeKhartoumPrivate
Dalanj UniversityDalangPublic
El Imam El Mahdi UniversityKostiPublic
Elrazi UniversityKhartoumPrivate
Future University of SudanKhartoumPrivate
Garden City College For Science And TechnologyKhartoumPrivate
International University of AfricaKhartoumPublic
Karary UniversityOmdurmanPublic
Khartoum College of Medical SciencesKhartoumPrivate
Nahda CollegeKhartoumPrivate
National College of Khartoum (NCK)KhartoumPrivate
National College for Medical & Technical StudiesKhartoumPrivate
National Ribat UniversityKhartoumPrivate
Nile CollegeBahriPrivate
Nile Valley UniversityKhartoumPublic
Omdurman Ahlia UniversityOmdurmanPrivate
Omdurman Islamic UniversityOmdurmanPublic
Open University of SudanKhartoumPublic
Public Health InstituteKhartoumPublic
Red Sea UniversityPort SudanPublic
Sudan International UniversityKhartoumPrivate
Sudan University of Science and TechnologyKhartoum and other locationsPublic
University of Bakht Al-RudaAl-DewaymPublic
University of BahriBahriPublic
University of DongolaDongolaPublic
University of Al QadarifAl QadarifPublic
University of GeziraWad MedaniPublic
University of KassalaKassalaPublic
University of KhartoumKhartoumPublic
University of KordofanAl-UbayyidPublic
University of Medical Sciences and TechnologyKhartoumPrivate
University of NyalaNyalaPublic
University of Science and Technology – OmdurmanOmdurmanPrivate
University of SennarSennarPublic
University of ShendiShendiPublic
University of the Holy Quran and Islamic SciencesOmdurmanPublic
University of West KordofanAl-FoulaPublic
University of ZalingeiZalingeiPublic
Wad Medani Ahlia CollegeWad MedaniNon-profit

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