List of Rehabilitation Centres in Kenya with contacts

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Rehabilitation Centers in Kenya

A large portion of the Kenya population today is faced with a threat of drug addiction. These comprise of both the youth as well as the elder people in the society. The commonest substances abused in Kenya include narcotics; cocaine, bhang, heroin, tobacco, and other substances that alter the mood of the users. Alcohol is the commonest drug abused in Kenya. To reduce the effects accompanied by abuse of these substances various Rehabilitation Centers in Kenya have been put up across the country to help the addicts come out of the dangers and continue with their normal life.

Rehabilitation Centres in Kenya – Objectives

The main objectives of the centre are:

  1. Provision of in- and out-patient treatment to drug users using a multidisciplinary approach. This includes detoxification, rehabilitation and management of co-morbid disorders.
  2. Training of under- and postgraduate medical students, psychology students, nursing students and other mental health workers.
  3. Conducting evidence based research.
  4. To collaborate regionally, nationally and internationally with other drug treatment and rehabilitation centers.Rehabilitation Centres in Kenya

Rehabilitation Centres in Kenya – Central Region

Fountain of Hope Addiction Treatment Centre

P.O. Box 16546-00100
Phone: 0208081333, 0731393772
Physical Location: Ondiri Area, off Kikuyu Road

Freedom from Addiction Organization

P.O. Box 2088-00900
Phone: 3755219, 0720277447, 0721381280, 0728334014
Physical Location: Kiambu

Good Hope Rehabilitation Centre

P.O. Box 1223, Karatina
Tel: 0718178371, 0721298613,
Physical Location: Kangemi past Nyeri General Hospital

Jorgs Trust and Jorgs Sober House

P.O. Box: 1047 -00621
Tel: 066-73558,020-3573083, 0723692848, 0721712968
Physical Location: Tigoni

Redhill Place – The Raphaelites

P.O. Box 8667-00100, Nairobi
Tel: 066-51551, 2721498, 0722714300, 0722837627, 0733805510
Fax: 2721513
Physical Location: Redhilll Limuru 5 km off Limuru Road

Faith Treatment and Rehabilitation Centres

P.O. Box 744-10200, Murang’a
Tel: 0723434845
Physical Location: Murang’a Town – County Council Room No. 206

Teens Challenge

P.O. Box 27 – 00900, Kiambu
Tel: 2077691, 0711627087
Physical Location: Ridgeways Estate, Nairobi

The Bridge Centre

P.O. Box 746-00600
Tel: 0722574125, 0724830821
Physical Location:

The Retreat

P.O. Box 1501- 00606, Nairobi
Phone: 0723565529,+254 0208081739
Physical Location: Off Limuru Road, 5km before Limuru Conference

Vifukofuko Recovery

CentrePhysical Location: Mai-ai-hii (Near Ondiri) – near Kikuyu Hospital
Tel: 020-2331728, 0716404774, 0701653015

FOTATC – Family of Tumaini Addiction Treatment Centre

Physical Location: Old Limuru Town , Ruini, opposite Norbook Pharmaceutical Company

Betta Life Treatment Centre

P.O. Box 62799 – 00200, Nairobi
Tel: 0729996222

Tumaini Recovery and Counseling Centre

P.O. Box: 578-00618, Ruaraka Nairobi
Phone: 0721-277847, 0722695347, 0720895840
Physical Location: Ruiru, Murera Area along Nairobi – Thika Superhighway, behind Kenyatta University

Wonderpeace Rehabilitation Centre

P.O. Box: 4364 – 00100 Nairobi
Tel: 020-2129021, 0702449445, 0722807882
Physical Location: Off Nairobi-Thika Highway after Ruiru Town

Rehabilitation Centres in Kenya –  Coast Region

Coast Provincial General Hospital

P.O. Box: 90231 – 80100, Mombasa
Tel: (41) – 2314204
Fax: (41) – 2220161
Physical Location: Kisauni Road

Good Hope Rescue Centre

P.O. Box 216, Mtito Andei
Tel: 0715334224
Physical Location: Mtito Andei

Lamu Anti- Drugs

P.O. Box 44, Lamu
Tel: 0711459102, 0424633222
Physical Location: Lamu

Mewa Rehabilitation Centre

P.O. Box 89427- 80100, Mombasa
Tel: 041473197, 2493157, 0722819795, 0711104297
Physical Location: Mtopanga (opp. Kisauni Post Office) old Malindi Road

Omari Project

P.O. Box 1658, Malindi
Tel: 0423160220065, 0728896797, 0733231547, 0721648151
Physical Location: Malindi, Sea Breeze , Msabaha Residential Centre

Reach Out Rehabilitation Centre

P.O. Box 34211 Mombasa
Tel: 0202408282, 0722415475, 0722796287, 0729766481
Physical Location: Junction corner of Mtongwe, Mombasa

Good Hope Rehabilitation Centre

P.O. Box 228-90128, Mtito Andei
Phone: 020-231974
Physical Location: Mtito Andei

Teens Watch

P.O. Box: 5650, Diani
Phone: 0403203717, 0722927334
Physical Location: Ukunda village , Gambato Sub-location, South Coast, Mombasa

Sea of Hope

P.O. Box 85984, Mombasa
Tel: 0712217137, 0724107763, 0733395469

Tumaini Rainbow Recovery, Care and Support Centre

P.O. Box: 140 Lamu
Tel: 0722448576, 0727323834
Physical Location: Lamu

Garden of Peace Rehabilitation Centre

P.O. Box 10623 80101 Mombasa
Physical Location: Twiga Rd, off Links Rd, Nyali

Rehabilitation Centres in Kenya –  Eastern Region

Blue Cross

P.O. Box 160, Nzeeka
Tel: 0720652024, 0722231273
Physical Location: Embu and Mtito Andei

Forward Resolutions Trust

P.O. Box: 2698-00202, Nairobi
Tel: 0729560191
Physical Location: Embu Municipality, Njukiri Estate

Mwangaza Rehabilitation Centre/Esvak

P.O. Box 64331 – 00620 Nairobi
Tel: 0721494823, 0729062403
Physical Location: Katani Machakos.

Chariot House

P.O. Box 190 – 90100, Machakos
Tel: 0773392615, 0738979787
Physical Location: Machakos Town, Miwani Estate.

Rehabilitation Centres in Nairobi Kenya

Asumbi Treatment And Rehabilitation Centre (Karen)

P.O. Box 34374-00100, Nairobi
Tel: 020-2322497, 0721287822
Physical Location: Karen

Asumbi Treatment Centre (Ridgeways)

P.O. Box 34374 – 00100 Nairobi
Tel: 0721287822
Physical Location:

Brightside Treatment And Rehabilitation Center

P.O. Box 16942 – 00620, Nairobi
Tel: 0722847130
Physical Location: Kitusuru, Kirawa Rd

Chiromo Lane Treatment Center

P.O. Box 1501- 00606 Nairobi
Tel: 3749979, 0722789698, 0202164288,
Fax: 3746103
Physical Location: Chiromo Lane, Muthithi Road

Conquerors With Christ Trust Rehabilitation Centre

P.O. Box 78414-00507, Nairobi
Tel: 0720720844,0702133170,0720887221,0738974674, Email:
Physical Location: Kahawa Sukari near PCEA Church, Hse No. 961

Eden Village /Eden Halfway House

P.O. Box:41187 -00100 Nairobi
Tel: 0722867693, 0726552476, 0722901804
Physical Location: Lower Kabete

Kenyatta National Hospital-Patient Support Centre

Rehabilitation Services
P.O. Box: 20723-00202 KNH
Tel: 0722829509, 2726300-9 Ext. 44115, 44101
Fax: 2725272
Physical Location: Kenyatta National Hospital

Maisha House, Rongai

P.O. Box:1207-00502 Nairobi
Tel: 0723695167
Physical Location: Rongai

Masaa Home

P.O. Box 10241-00100 Nairobi
Tel: 0202724192, 0720939348, 0720316019
Physical Location: Magadi Road, 5 km from Rongai and 2 km from Kiserian

Mathari Hospital Drug Rehabilitation Unit

Medical Superintendent
P.O. Box:40663 – 00100
Tel: 3763316/7/8,0721336017
Physical Location: Muthaiga off Thika Rd, opp. Muthaiga Police Station

Nairobi Outreach Services- NOSET Maisha House

P.O. Box:1207-00502 Nairobi
Tel: 0733901657, 0720401793, 07228525932098451
Physical Location: Ngara

Nairobi Place Addiction Treatment and Specialized Medical Centre

P.O. Box 139-00502, Karen
Tel: 20 3882 448/20 3884 352, 0735-550000, 0733-440000
Fax:(020) 3884352
Physical Location: 116 Marula Lane off Karen Rd, Karen

STEVFO Treatment and Counseling Centre

P.O. Box 65-00100, Nairobi
Tel: 0721952642/0721428368
Physical Location: Next to Kamiti, Kahawa West, Kiambu Road

STEPAWA Halfway House

P.O. Box 22-00100, Nairobi
Tel: 0724346769, 0725237255,0734171046
Physical Location: Umoja Road, Ongata Rongai


P.O. Box 21761-00505, Nairobi
Tel: 0203875045,0722216032 0724511709
Physical Location: Adams Arcade, The Green House

Alcoholics Anonymous

Tel: 0727659130, 0727234092

The Bridge Treatment and Counseling Centre

P.O. Box 21396-00505 Nairobi, Kenya,
Tel: 020-2321004, 020-2147314, 0719284001, 0733135693
Physical Location:

Emmanuel Resource Centre

P.O. Box 57626 -00200, Nairobi Kenya
Tel: 0722565397, 0732761666
Physical Location:

Greater Life Concern

P.O. Box: 58817-00200
Phone: 020-8048605/6
Physical Location: Eastleigh

Rehabilitation Centres in Kenya – Nyanza Region

Anti-Abortion And Drug Abuse-Kenya (Adak)

P.O. Box 282, Nyamira
Phone: 0735987043/0728748180
Physical Location: Nyamira town opposite to Equity Bank, Nyamira

Asumbi Treatment And Rehabilitation Centre (Homabay)

P.O. Box 49, Asumbi 40309
Tel: (020)2700126, 0736091565, 0727151813/0721553814
Physical Location: Homa Bay

Rehabilitation Centres in Kenya – Rift Valley


P.O. Box 17138, Nakuru
Tel: 0720797260
Physical Location:

Serenity Treatment Centre

P.O. Box 23360-00100, Nairobi
Tel: 0724499853
Physical Location: Rungiri , next to Rungiri Secondary School, on Nairobi – Nakuru highway

Eldo Care Recovery Centre

P.O. Box 4985-30100 Eldoret
Phone: 0720494483, 0731477831
Physical Location:: Kimumu Estate, Eldoret

Freedom Homes

P.O. Box 7001, Eldoret
Phone: 0722453115
Physical Location: Eldoret

Oasis Of Hope Rehabilitation Centre

P.O. Box 7219-00200
Phone: 020-2609857, 020-2609851
Physical Location: Kiserian- Isinya Rd, 4km from Kiserian town

Script Resource Centre

P.O. Box 69516-00400 Nairobi
Phone: 0720278415
Physical Location: Kiserian Town

Serenus Centre

P.O. Box 2730 – 30200, Kitale
Phone: 0726610813, 0704532328, 0202582338, 0714067606
Physical Location:

U-Turn 4 Christ

P.O. Box 51164- 00200 Nairobi
Phone: 0729861738
Physical Location: Ngong, Kiserian

Haven Recovery Centre

P.O. Box 3192-30100, Eldoret
Phone: 0728 974344, 0722620511
Physical Location: Near Illula Primary School in Limo Farm, along Elgeyo Border Road, Kapsoy Location, Eldoret East District

Serene Center

P.O. Box 59692-00200, Nairobi
Phone: 0720890243
Physical Location: Nyaki Rd,off Magadi Road, near Kiserian

Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital

P.O. Box 3 -30100, Eldoret
Phone: 053-2033471/4, 0722201277, 0734600461
Fax: 053-2061749
Physical Location:

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