When comes to the insurance sector, trust is everything. The most popular insurance companies are those that offer efficient services.

Most insurance companies are good when a client is making payment but the moment an incident happens that involves huge sums of money, the insurance will start playing cat and mouse games until the client gives up.

If you need efficient service, these are the most trusted insurance companies you should engage in Kenya.

  1. AAR Insurance Kenya Limited
  2. AIG Kenya Insurance Co Ltd
  3. APA Insurance Limited
  4. British-American Insurance Co. Ltd.
  5. CIC General Insurance Limited
  6. CIC Life Assurance Ltd
  7. Corporate Insurance Co. Ltd
  8. ICEA LION General Insurance Co Ltd
  9. ICEA LION Life Assurance Co Ltd
  10. Kenya Orient Insurance Ltd
  11. Kenya Orient Life Assurance Ltd
  12. Kenya Reinsurance Corp Ltd
  13. Old Mutual Life Assurance Co Ltd
  14. Resolution Insurance Company Ltd
  15. UAP Life Assurance Limited
  16. UAP Insurance Company Limited

Some insurance companies are owned by individual whose sole aim is to make profits. If you have a case involves terrorist attacks, that individual would prefer closing down the insurance than steeling a claim of billions of shillings. But there are insurance companies like AIG, APA, ICEA Lion and Jubilee which can settle any amount of money in claims.

One thing you should be careful of is something to do with education policy. You will pay the amount and when your policy matures, the figure the company will give you won’t be appealing.

There are also some companies which collude with spouses of members. Once they know that you have a life cover and that the amount to be paid to your family members is good, they plan to kill the principal member so as the spouse can share the money with the organizer.

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