Newspapers in Morocco are primarily published in Arabic and French, and to a lesser extent in BerberEnglish, and SpanishAfrica Liberal, a Spanish daily, was the first paper published in the country which was launched in 1820.[1] Al Maghrip was the first Arabic newspaper of the country, and was established in 1886.[1] List of Moroccan newspapers

In 1999, the number of French language newspapers distributed in the country was 130,000 while it was 62,000 in 1981.[2] As of 2013, 71% of the papers were published in Arabic and 27% in French.[3] Below is a list of newspapers published in Morocco:

List of Moroccan newspapers and news sites in Arabic and French featuring politics, sports, entertainments, jobs, education, tourism, lifestyles and business.

Moroccan newspapers and news sites

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