The media of Mali includes print, radio, television, and the Internet. List of Mali newspapers

Radio is the primary means of mass communication in Mali. In practice, widespread poverty and the low literacy rate, as well as poor distribution outside of Bamako, limit access to television and print media. Mali has more than 125 radio stations as well as one television station. The former government-controlled radio and television broadcasting company is officially autonomous, but it has been accused by the political opposition of having a progovernment bias. Foreign radio programs are widely available through local media, and foreign satellite and cable television programs also are accessible, especially in Bamako.[1]

There has been an explosion of print media since 1992 in conjunction with the initiation of multiparty democracy. In 2003 print media included 42 private newspapers and journals (39 in Bamako and one each in TombouctouMopti, and Sikasso) published in FrenchArabic, and various national languages. The expression of a broad range of views, including those critical of the government, is permitted

List of Mali newspapers, magazines, and news sites featuring business, sports, travel, jobs, education, festivals, lifestyles, and healthcare.

Mali newspapers, magazines, and news sites

French language publications

Indigenous languages

Radio Jamana in KoulikoroMali

Niche publications

  • Graine d’espoir, is a monthly review published by Mahamane Garba Touré, who is thé Director of Publication and Editor in Chief, supported by Ousmane Mamadou, an agricultural engainer and directoire of thé Centre de formation professionnelle pour la promotion de l’agriculture au Sahel (CFP-PAS) in Gao, an organisation for professional agricultural training. The publication’s goal is to inform rural agricultural business owners and to “echo national initiatives for the development of the agricultural world in Mali “. The first issue was published in June 2007. The circulation is around 1000